Life takes you places

Grand Canyon/Colorado River

We’ve enjoyed seeing how some of MYLO’s users experience MYLO and how they have incorporated it into the travels this summer. Thanks to some of our users who have shared with us how MYLO has allowed them to take close friends and family with them on their journeys, we thought we’d share a few of their ideas with you!


Amanda studied abroad in Greece and Italy this summer. She was going to be away from home for a month. As time neared, she looked for a way to be able to stay in touch with her family and friends back home via wifi. Facebook wasn’t an alternative. She wanted to be able to chat and share lots of photos real time- photos that not everyone in Facebook or Instagram world needed to see plastered on their feeds constantly. She also didn’t want to just chat over wifi- she wanted to share more of what she was experiencing than texts.

A private MYLO group was perfect. As she traveled through cities and villages of both Greece and Italy, she was able to post dozens of photos for her private group of family and friends to see exactly what she was doing and experiencing at any given time- the people, food, culture, architecture, and landscape. They could chat with her, ask questions, comment on her photos, and see where she was going to be every day of her journey. She also posted some of her beautiful photos on Instagram, but just the ones she wanted all of her followers to see. She kept the most interesting and personal content private for her closest friends and family.

Amanda’s also uses MYLO for her and her friends to collaborate about who’s bringing what back to school in the fall for apartment decorating. They have MYLO Lists set up for everything they need, like, and cool DIY decorating ideas.


Having just graduated from high school, Jackson began preparing to leave for college out of state in the fall. He had wanted to take a river raft trip on the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and his father had hoped to spend some quality one-on-one time with him before college life and a new sense of independence commenced. They packed up the Go Pro and all of their gear, and headed to the Grand Canyon.

They wanted to document their journey and share it with the family real time. Not a fan of posting photos to Facebook while out of town or posting dozens of photos to annoy the rest of their “friendsphere”, they decided to create a MYLO group and invite family and close friends to participate in the trip with them. Since the weather hovered around 100 degrees during the day, dropped to 60 at night, with 48 degree waters splashing on them each day, the rest of the family was content to observe from a comfortable, dry, air conditioned distance.

Each night when they set up camp (while family back home enjoyed roofs over their heads and beds), they uploaded photos along with their comments and chatted with the family in the group chat.


A huge Cold Play fan, and someone who genuinely sees beauty in each of life’s moments, Christian spent a long weekend in the Windy City with some friends. They documented their days with photos and video, sharing their photos in MYLO Photo Albums and videos as links in a MYLO List. The group was small and limited to the friends that went, so that they could authentically connect and share privately- without putting every detail of their weekend from each person’s perspective on social media.

So, where has life taken you this summer? And, how did you share it with those who matter most? We rarely create hard copy photo albums any more, and we typically have a combination of lists and sticky notes (and even shared spreadsheets if you’re my brother) to remember what to bring as well as using simple text or WhatsApp to communicate via text. Why not simplify your life, and use MYLO to connect, collaborate, and share selectively with every group in your life?