Logos are Dead

They’re static and don’t adapt, we’re advancing and everything is moving too fast for logos to keep up. Responsive logos are a great way of tailoring your company’s brand for all platforms: mobile, table and computer.

Now responsive design is a necessity it’s important that your logo doesn’t fall behind. Your logo with strapline may work on your website when viewed on a computer screen but on a mobile it doesn’t and it’s damaging your customer’s experience. This isn’t just with the strapline, this goes for the detail too.

We need to slim down our logos to adapt for mobile users, where less can be seen and space is like gold dust. It may take some work and is best done by a brand or design professional, but it will really help your brand to stand out. All the big names are doing it: Coca Cola, Chanel, Nike and even Disney.

Take a look at responsivelogos and see if your logo works on mobile & tablet. The logo is dead, long-live responsive logos.

Mylo Kaye is Head of Digital for Dreamr in Manchester. Find out more about Dreamr here: dreamr.uk

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