Mylo Kaye: What’s New, August 2016

When reflecting on the previous day, week or even months it’s important to sift through the good, the bad and the ugly.
It’s worthwhile to think about what you’ve achieved and not.

The past few months have been pretty manic. I recently became part of a charity organisation called Change4Good. Set up by Nick Buckley to engage with Manchester’s homeless. I now spend my time on the streets on Manchester City Centre speaking with those who need support or guidance in getting off the streets and into accommodation or getting medical advice.

This charity is close to what I believe in, and educating the homeless into finding the right help does go a long way.

At Dreamr we’ve hired an excellent developer going by the name of Tom, he’s super-technical and knows his shit. Add to that he’s a nice guy.


I spent the day working with Startup Britain a few weeks back in Picadilly gardens, the campaign to provide support and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs across the U.K meant that when they arrived in Manchester, I couldn’t say no to helping out for the day.

A few emails to the Mayor’s office meant he agreed to come along and support the movement too, something that had great feedback on social media.


National Coding Week is not long away, and Dreamr is ramping up their efforts in pulling off a week-long event. We’re committed to working with schools, colleges and other organisations to promote the world of design and development.

We’ll be sharing our events on the Dreamr website and also the National Coding Week website.

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