Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions… we have answers!!

What is Marra?

Marra is a highly curated community of independent Patient Advocates. The Marra team wants to work with the best Advocates available. We directly connect with each Advocate that we extend membership to and we ensure they are prepared to deliver top-notch services to their clients.

Note: “Top-notch services” does not mean the most expensive services available. Cost of service is not a factor we consider. We’re focused on evaluating an Advocate’s professional experience, enthusiasm, proven track record, and conviction around be client first.

Once an Advocate is a part of Marra, they are a “Marra Advocate”. That simply means that the Marra team will support them however we can to ensure they help as many people as possible.

How is Marra different than what exists?

We’re not a directory and we’re not a simple marketplace. We partner with Advocates. We provide Advocates and their clients the tools they need to successfully work together.

What does “Marra” mean?

noun: marra
a friend, companion, or workmate”

Questions those that are interested in advocacy may have…

What kind of services do Marra Advocates provide?

We offer a broad range of advocacy types. Here are our main focus areas:

  • Navigating a cancer diagnosis
  • Creating a care plan for an aging parent
  • Investigating a medical bill
  • Creating a care plan for a disabled child
  • Creating a general care plan
  • Navigating a new diagnosis (regardless of diagnosis type)

Our focus areas are intentionally broad. Not sure if your needs can be met? Please reach out to Marra’s founder, Greg Moore, at

We are dedicated to getting you the advocacy you need no matter what.

What are the costs to hire a Marra Advocate?

To hire an Advocate you have two different hiring options:

  1. Hire an Advocate for a set amount of time to complete a task: For example, perhaps it’s discussing a new diagnosis and determining next steps. Advocates offer “short term” hire options.
  2. Hire an Advocate for a long period of time due to a complex issue: For example, perhaps you want an Advocate to participate in the entire cancer treatment process. Advocates offer a long-term subscription hiring option.

Advocates control their hourly rate as experience level and expertise can vary broadly. However, as a Marra Advocate the base hourly rate you can expect is $50.

What if I’m unable to afford working with an Advocate?

We understand and we want to work with you. Please reach out to Marra’s founder, Greg Moore, at to learn more about financial support options.

We are committed to getting you the advocacy you deserve so please do reach out no matter how tight the budget is.

Questions existing Patient Advocates may have…

What is the process for becoming a Marra Advocate?

There are three steps…

  1. Please submit your information using this form (click here)
  2. We’ll set up a 30 minute phone call where you’ll speak to Marra’s founder, Greg Moore (
  3. We’ll get you set up with the Marra platform!

Is Marra a Patient Advocate directory?

No. We love directories and believe they provide a ton of value, however, we want to go that next step further.

We do provide lead generation much like a directory. You’ll be asked to create a profile page that patients can search and find to learn more about you.

Where we go further is providing you the tools to succeed. Tools like reporting, scheduling, note taking, and payment processing to name just a few.

What if I already have an established business?

AMAZING. We want to work with you. You absolutely do not need to only be a Marra Advocate. If you’d like to join our community and become a “Marra Advocate” we’d love to have you. However, if you have a business you’d like to showcase and simply be a part of our community and access our tools we can do that too.

Does it cost anything to join or remain a member of Marra?

You pay nothing! Zero membership or listing fees. Seriously.

Have more questions? Contact Marra’s founder, Greg Moore, at and visit us a to learn more!