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What is Reflexology and How it works?

Reflexology is defined as the practice of massage on the feet to relieve mental stress and increase relaxation. Healing of body through foot massage of pressure points is known an as reflexology massage.

If eyes are the window to the soul, the feet are the doorway to the body. The soles of the feet carry a complete map of the body. Through working the reflexes of the feet reflexology is able to access the functioning of the bodily system and organs targeting good health, vitality and well being.

The main aim of having a reflexology massage is to restore the health of the body and mind. Restoring a good mental attitude is the first priority of the reflexology massage. Our nervous system is the link between the body and the mind. There are some energies govern our body and mind. To understand the basis of these energies, you should need to understand the basis of life energy first.

Life force is the subtle foundation of all lives. It sustains the circle of birth and death. We can get in touch with these energies through prayers, meditation, yoga, and healing of body and mind. There are two types of life energies existing in this universe are Internal and external. Internal energy is the subtle energy that exists within our body and mind. External energy, on the other hand, exists within external things like flowers, trees and etc.

Reflexology is the healing technique of your body and mind by renewing the internal system. It is the process of opening your energy system to receive and feel the flow of universal life energy.

How Reflexology Massage Does Work:

Reflexology works with the central nervous system. We all know that neurological relations exist between our body and mind. And our full nervous system designed to stimulus. In the process of reflexology massage, application of pressure to feet and hand send an as calming signal to our mind through nerve cells. In return to calming signal, the mind sends a signal to the body to adjust the tension level. It brings all nerves and cells into the state of optimum functioning.

Reflexology reduces pain by reducing stress and tension. According to the one theory, things that influence the brain such as your mood and external things can also affect the experience of your pain.

Our body has 10 vertical zones. And all these vertical zones correspond to fingers and toes all the way from top to head.

The point where organs of the body are reflected on the foot or and hands are called Vertical zones of Reflexology. Organ of the right side of the body is represented by the right hand or right foot. And, organs of the left side of the body are represented by the left hand and left foot.

Reflex stimulation to these points serves to relaxation and normalizes the functioning of the whole body.

In Ancient time people used to walk barefoot over rock, grass and hard ground.

By applying pressure on specific areas of foot and hands, stimulation of corresponds organ become active. The pituitary gland is affected by applying pressure on the big toe.

Reflexology focuses on reflex areas of your hand, feet, and ears. The therapist uses their thumb and finger walking to trigger the reflex points.

Reflexology is very similar to Acupuncture. The difference between these two is that acupressure points do not always coincide with the reflex points used in reflexology.

There is a complete feeling of relaxation, sense of lightness, sense of opening, energy moving and tingling in the body you can feel during the reflexology session. The normal reactions occur during the reflexology massage are:

Relief from Pain


Sound Sleep

Joint Flexibility

Elimination of Toxin

Stress Release

Increase Blood Circulation

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