When Two Retrievers Meet

A single lingering look,
all it took was a gaze;
locked eyes for a moment,
I’m breathless and dazed.

We briefly share names,
before pouncing one another;
our lithe bodies moving,
each attempting to smother.

A force against the wall,
bodies perfectly aligned;
undulating hips,
an out-of-this-world-grind.

Bodies electric,
hands glued to you;
empathetic kisses,
falling deeply and true.

We get a word in edgewise,
wow but she’s cool!
Smart, funny, beautiful?
Must be April fool!

Temperature rising,
sweat drips out every pore;
time to head back,
so much more to explore.

Giggles and laughter,
inseparably attached;
we head up to bed,
our sizes perfectly matched.

Motions in sync,
pure bliss, pure ecstasy;
how is this possible,
have I won the lottery?

We fall into our arms,
warm bodies intertwined;
mind, body, spirit,
completely combined.

The real talking begins,
confirms our suspicion;
we’re two lonely survivors,
from an alien space mission.

Bird song floats in,
where’d the time go?
Spoon positions assumed,
“you are incredible”, echoes, “ditto”.

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