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New technologies are changing the way we live, work, play, communicate, and learn. Keeping up with these changes and adapting to the evolving needs of today’s organisation is challenging. This adoption can come at a struggle for some businesses on all scales due to their dated safety training. With the consistent changing of the age demographic in the workplace, it is important that businesses make their safety training appealing to the younger millennial group and also to all age groups. MYMIC Training Technologies was not created out thin air. Originally, MYMIC LLC started out in the early 2000’s by Bill Younger and Tom Mastaglio, working in the Government sector working to optimise IT investments, Business process management, Network Certification and Accreditation, JCIDS and Analysis Support, as well as Training and Exercise support. MYMIC LLC is very successful and still does business today, with customers from NASA to the Pentagon. From there a new entity was formed, MYMIC Training Technologies. MYMIC Training Technologies works with the commercial industry including sectors from construction, manufacturing, energy, museums, and distribution companies creating compelling safety training that is delivered on our own Learning Management System.

Why do you prefer Mymic TrainingTechnologies?

MYMIC training technologies consistently raise the bar with safety training, in developing the science and technology behind computer-based 3D virtual and interactive simulations. This supports decision making, knowledge management, and job-specific competencies, improving employee safety and operational efficiency. Only MYMIC blends the best multi-media learning designs and techniques to produce the most effective learner experience resulting in maximum retention and intuitive behaviours. We also proud that typically MYMIC’s training is shorter in duration than most. This is an added benefit because MYMIC focuses on the most important areas of each safety training topic and does not overload the user with unnecessary information. MYMIC’s Game-Based safety training products replace static training materials, which can be the cause of lack of focus in the user when going through the safety training process. Our Game-Based training helps you reach your learners, enhance training programs, improve productivity, and increase safety awareness. MYMIC Training Technologies uses augmented reality in the safety training along with state of the art 3D training simulations. Our approach is immersive, engaging, and in compliance with OSHA standards, allowing the user to explore and apply new knowledge in risk-free situations. That’s what makes training simulations one of the most productive forms of learning. Keeping the user engaged is one way to make trainee stays focused and learns to their best capability. MYMIC Training Technologies also has a dedicated graphic and engineering team that has the capability to create any custom training that a company may need. Some of MYMIC Training Technologies most proud customers are APL, Sherwin Williams, Signal, and Riverside. Each of these companies was faced with unique challenges with their current safety training that MYMIC Training Technologies was able to come in and help solve their issues.

Services we offer

MYMIC Training Technologies has a variety of training products that are designed to meet OSHA requirements for each sector. Some of the safety training products include Fall Protection, which includes Working at Heights, Scaffolding Training, Ariel Lifts, and Ladder Safety. Other products include Ergonomics, Lockout Tagout, Globally Harmonized Standard, Bloodborne Pathogens, Fire Extinguisher Training, Record Keeping, Incident-Specific Learning Team, and Personal Protective Equipment.