OSHA Record Keeping and Recording | Mymic Training Technologies

MYMICTraining Technologies recently asked OSHA what are the most important topic for companies to focus on Safety Training. And their answer was Record Keeping and Recording because it can be so easily over looked.

MYMIC Training Technologies developed a compelling interactive training dedicated to informing users on how to properly record injuries and illnesses in the work place. If this was done incorrectly or not completed on time, large fines can be given out. Minor Injuries do not need to be recorded.

Overall users will discover the purpose and guidelines for recording and reporting occupational injuries and illnesses required under 29CFR Part 1904. The user will be able to identify the record keeping criteria for work-related injury and illness. There are different types of forms that must be completed for occupational injuries and illnesses.

OSHA recognizes safeguards for privacy inemployer recording of work-related illness and injury. An employee must be designated to maintain and post records as well as electronically submit records. This is OSHA’s most important topic and it has lot of material to cover. Some Record Keeping and Recording training can take days even also weeks.

MYMIC Training Technologies can be fully completed by an employee in a couple of hours. They will still receive all of the important information in an in-depth fashion. To help retain all of this information, Mymic Training Technologies created a training that keeps users fully engaged at all times. There are multiple areas throughout the training for users to click and get scenarios and examples.

MYMIC also added in a glossary, which will give users the opportunity to move around and see what they have completed and what is left for them to complete. We strives to make the most user friendly training around to give users the best experience possible. Being able to make monotonous training compelling and interactive, while still being informative, is one thing that really differentiates MYMIC Training Technologies from its competitors.

At the end of the training, the user will be asked to complete a quiz and must receive a certain grade in order to pass. Keeping records are not as time consuming as one may think. OSHA estimates that a form can be filled out in as little as twenty minutes.

MYMICTraining Technologies has the highly skilled team to make the Record Keeping and Recording training specific for companies. Company logos can be added in for branding as well as incidents that could have actually happened. By doing this it creates a better sense of how important this topic is.