Tool: How to set up an API Key on KuCoin

The Mintfort portfolio tracker requires API keys of your exchange accounts to sync your portfolio constantly.

Setting up an API key in your KuCoin account is quite simple. Here is how you do it:

First of all login to your account. In the menu bar you need to go into your account settings.

Here, a section called API Keys is shown. Click on it!

In the API settings you simply hit „Create“.

To verify that it’s you who creates the key, KuCoin is requiring infos of your 2-step-authentication.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your backed e-mail address.

Congrats! You just generated your API Key. The key consists of two parts, the API key and the Secret key. To use the Mintfort app properly, you will need both of them.

After being forwarded to KuCoin again you are seeing your key and the connected secret key now. Safe them somewhere! KuCoin will not show them to you in the future again.

Stay connected!