5 Must-Have Python Django Developer Skills

Anastasia Stefanuk
Dec 18, 2017 · 3 min read

The popularity of Python coding language continues to grow. This is due to the fact that it is practically the language of the future because it allows you to create artificial intelligence and control robots. Python programming salary continues to increase accordingly and a thorough knowledge of its tools greatly increases the capabilities of the programmer. Let’s find out what skills anyone who wants to professionally use this technology needs to possess.

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5 Skills Necessary to Possess in Order to be Good Python Django Developer

  1. System Programming. Python’s built-in interfaces to operating system services make it an ideal tool for creating portable programs and system administration utilities. Python programs can find files and directories, run other programs, perform parallel computations using several processes and threads, and do many other things. So, there is a reason to master system programming in any case.
  2. Graphical Interface Creation. The simplicity of Python and the high speed of development make it an excellent tool for developing a graphical interface. It makes no sense to explain that such a skill will not be superfluous in a professional career.
  3. Web Scripts Development. The Python interpreter comes with standard Internet modules, which allow programs to perform a variety of network operations in both client mode and server mode. Libraries that are part of Python make the implementation of such tasks surprisingly simple. However, this skill is must-have in order to master advanced Python programming.
  4. Rapid Prototyping. In Python programs, the components written in Python and C are the same. Because of this, you can first create prototypes of systems in Python, and then transfer the selected components to compiling languages such as C and C ++. Unlike some other prototyping tools, Python does not require that the system be completely rewritten as soon as the prototype is debugged. Parts of the system that do not require the performance that C ++ provides are left in Python, which will greatly simplify the maintenance and use of such a system. Thus, the possessing of C and C ++ languages are also necessary for a qualified engineer.
  5. Mathematical and scientific calculations Programming. Additional tools for mathematical calculations for Python support the ability to create animation effects and three-dimensional objects, allow you to organize parallel calculations and so on. For example, the popular SciPy extension provides additional libraries for scientific computing. Thus, having mastered this skill, you can significantly expand your competence.

Additional Skills to Get in Top

There are also some other demanded knacks that Python Django developer should have in order to take the decent place in the world of IT. There are some of them:

  • knowledge of technical English;
  • presence of a portfolio of completed projects;
  • experience with MySQL;
  • knowledge of an additional programming language (PHP, Java, C);
  • development for Unix / Linux;
  • skills of developing web-services with the use of Django, Tornado and/or Twisted;
  • development of highly loaded information systems;
  • optimizing the performance of information systems.

Work experience also raises the cost of a specialist in the market. However, perhaps, an innate and irresistible urge to learn new technologies, as well as constant self-improvement remains the most demanded skills of any programmer. With these two traits, learning each new skill will not be a problem.

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