What is My Motto Me?

A lot of people have been wondering about that (not really). The thing is, we are not entirely sure ourselves.

Who we are

My Motto Me is a new video game studio from Moscow, Russia. One of the co-founders is a former journalist, another one is a former architect.

We develop for modern consoles and computers. We’ve been working on our first project since spring.

We work with a Western publisher. At the same time it feels as if we are an indie studio, though technically we aren’t.

Why the company name is so confusing

‘My Motto’ is derived from Shigeru Miyamoto’s surname. Miya Moto. Mario is Italian. ‘Miya’ is how Italians pronounce the word ‘my’. ‘Moto’ transforms into ‘もっと’ (‘motto’), which is Japanese for ‘more’. More of my or me, essentially, whatever it means.

Me’ was added to the name after we bought a web address with .me at the end, as it was a free option. We noticed that ‘My Motto Me’ sounded much more ridiculous than just ‘My Motto’. ‘Me’ is also a part of Mario’s catchphrase ‘It’s-a me, Mario!’. As you may have realized already, we like Nintendo games. A lot.

What we value

We aim to create video games that combine Eastern and Western game design sensibilities. As well as artistic and narrative.

We prioritize tight controls and mechanics, funky art styles and settings, memorable storylines and settings. And lots of other buzzwords.

Who we need

Right now we are hiring people, specifically, 3D artists and software engineers. If you are interested, you should write as much as you like to hi at mymottome dot com, and we’ll see how it goes.

What the company logo represents

it is a Hare, not a Rabbit — our official HR strategy