Why Am I a Proud Fan of Salman Khan (Bhai) Films and Eagerly Waits for Them!

Boss: Dude, are you sure you can handle all of it, you have multiple tasks… 
Me: Maine Ek baar Jo commitment kardee….

Well I do regret saying that, in over 26 years, It was the first time I skipped Diwali and put my best to finish the tasks. But, it wasn’t about the tasks, was it?

India is heavily criticized by the western media for a country with religious intolerance and animosity. For all their mile long articles, HBR articles I will throw just one card and that is Bajrangi Bhaijaan . Now how the film is a beautiful piece of cinema in the sense what it stands for. For starters, it is film directed by a Muslim, starring a Muslim in a role of a small town guy who happens to be a staunch patron of Lord Hanuman ( A Hindu God) , the movie was released on Eid ( A Muslim Festival) and was appreciated extremely well at the Box-office . The numbers were around 330 crores INR, that roughly equates to over 3.3+ crore footfalls. Isn’t that amazing. As a vegetarian Hindu myself, I found Salman’s rendition impeccable.

Can you give me any such example from Hollywood/Korean/European films?

A still from Bajrangi Bhaijaan..Le Le re Le Selfie Re!!!

MBA school interview Panel: Don’t you think a movie should have some education, something socially constructive? 
Me: Well, if you want learnings, a Library is a better place than a cinema theatre !, isn’t it?

Now lets come to my motive of writing the article. The internet has lots of intellectuals and self proclaimed movie critics who not only take a dig at Salman Khan’s movie ( actually every other Mass entertainer’s movie) but also make fun of the fans. They are the same people who write poetry on “ You shouldn’t be telling anyone what to do or what to eat”? or “Don’t judge me for my taste”, but aren’t you doing the same. The fact that Salman fans must be appreciated that they do flock to cinemas, buy the tickets unlike others who choose to pirate. We happen to celebrate Indian Masala cinema, and its amazing this side.

Well, about me, I love every movie and respect all forms of cinema. I really enjoyed films such as Masaan , Talwaar, Sairat and have a long library of pre 70s movies (Anari and Jagte Raho being my favourites :). I have had the best education the country offers, travelled 21 nations, worked for biggest MNCs of world and yet I don’t see a reason why I can’t be a fan of Bhai and be proud of it :D. 
If you look closely , Sultan , Dabangg and others offered what a movie should be offering Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment

In simple words, agar dimaag lagana hai to ISRO join karlo chacha, cinema hall me kyon gyan lagate ho? :P

I didn’t get the joke, I feel bad about myself :(

The much hate Bhai films originate on the criminal cases which are either he is accused of or acquitted of. I would not defend Salman Khan here, and won’t pass a judgement without understanding the whole case in context. But Why should his fans have a moral responsibility to boycott his films when we know that meals of thousands are dependant on success of his films? Moreover, be it Nelson Mandela Bill Clinton or Albert Einstein, none are as white as they are believed to be , then why do we have different standards of judging in this case?

Its about perspective right? Have yours, but apply to all and sundry..

Its the business end of the article, literally. If you don’t know, movies are a product and movie making is an INDUSTRY. And to industries to work, they have a simple formula : 
 Profits = Revenue — Expenses Films are supposed to earn back money for the Distributors which is only possible when people come to theatres. Though there are several other sources of revenues such as music and satellite rights, merchandise , product placements but theatre earnings are the primary source, and domestic earnings are most important. There is usually a revenue sharing agreement between theatre owners and Distributers which can vary between 70–30 to 50% in favor of Distributers. But the story is abysmal with 80% films flopping or not even breaking even. Last year, in UP itself more than 700 single screens closed down.

Unfortunately neither the critics, film festivals nor the Martin Scorsese fans were of any help

A Christopher Nolan fan chilling out trying to put ‘physics’ in a movie stunt

Many of my friends argue that movies should be sensible, intelligent and heavily ridicule insensible Indian Masala films ( at the same time they are fans of Friends ). But anyway, I support Masala films because they are a reflection of India and us. Indian Film Industry is the only film industry in world which can compete with Hollywood when it comes to reach and revenue( we are still very far). Even the Italians, French, Iranians and Koreans make films but they have not seen any acceptance beyond film schools and art libraries. I do concur that we also have several serious topics and agendas to discuss, and movies are a very strong medium to communicate ideas, but such movies should not be our USP. The foreign audience has already got great Pizzas from Italy, sushi from Japan etc. , we cannot beat them at their own dishes , but what we can do is do what we are already doing, “Better” & “Bigger” . We have such a wonderful diversity and so many stories to tell in so many eccentric styles. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion showed how it can be done when it broke into Top 3 at the USA box-office. Still you will find many cracking jokes on its being ‘cartoony’ or ‘illogical’. Seriously? While the same people justify The Fate of the Furious stunts!

When you are such, why pretend to be someone else then?

Oh! I love to be an Indian: So many cuisines, so much love, so much wow!

I am done talking, Bhai believes in action and not talking. Anyway, it is wonderful to see films such as Bahubali, दंगल, Bajirao Mastani, and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion raising the bar higher, be it the scale or technique. There are so many great stories to tell and I hope Indian film makers take point and make Indian films with Indian essence….

Satellite photo of people watching Suryavansham on Max, Circa 2017…well not exactly! :P

Cheers!! Are you coming with me to watch TubeLight, first day last show?
 Watch Tubelight trailer if you haven’t already

Disclaimer: The opinion of the author are his own. The author is an MBA graduate still trying to figure out how to sleep more and work less. A Bengal born Bihari brought up in Banaras; Tea , Rasogullas and Love are his kryptonite.

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