Feb 20 · 3 min read

The NAGA Trader team is pleased to introduce the upgraded copy award system on NAGA Trader.

Our users frequently asked us “How much can I earn by getting copied on NAGA Trader?”. Our formula was indeed a bit complicated, so we decided to make it more straightforward.

To meet the popular demand, we decided to simplify and improve the existing copy award system, making it more transparent and beneficial for every trader on the platform.

From now on, NAGA Trader will pay out up to €0.60 for a single copier on a trade. This means you can make extra money on top of your trading profits!

In order to qualify your trade for a copy award, make sure:
- It is a real-money trade;
- Your trade is held open for at least 5 minutes before you close it;
- You used at least $100 as investment amount for the trade;
- You are at least an IRON Badge holder.

Also, we added the copy wallet directly to the feed on the web-trader. In the mobile app, you can find your copy award in the copy wallet. Now it is always possible to check how many copiers you’ve got and the award amount is in the trade details. Once you close the position, the copy award is instantly available for withdrawal.

This update will enable more users to benefit from NAGA’s copy system.

Check your copy wallet now!

More updates:

  • After 3 months of work, we released our new chart engine. Being robust and stable it will help our team to add a number of brand-new features related to chart analysis and real-time chart usage.
  • Our new feature “contest” is released. We will update the community separately on this exciting feature. The first demo contest has been successfully finished and there are more upcomming contests in the nearest future.
  • The new domain for the NAGA Trader is from now on nagatrader.comwhich makes a lot of things easier for you!
  • On the NAGA Feed, you will always see our latest upcoming webinars.
  • Also, we added our “real-time trades box” allowing your to see every trade on the NAGA platform in real-time.
  • We improved our Help Center displaying all our international customer support numbers.
  • We have added a more robust payment gateway, as sometimes some transactions were declined.

Thank you for your patience and your interest in the update! We will be happy to receive further feedback so that we can continue to improve the platform together with our community.

Happy trading!

The NAGA Team


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