NAGA is very happy to announce a major update to the NAGA Ecosystem.

This should be of particular interest to existing NAGA TRADER users as we incorporated many exciting changes mostly based on YOUR feedback. On top of the changes and updates, we are also expanding our service to nearly every country on this planet — making financial trading even more accessible and understandable.

Our mission is to build an entire financial ecosystem that drives financial inclusion across all asset classes. On our journey we are looking to constantly improve and implement new features, all in the service of our beloved NAGA Community!

So, let’s dive in to see what is new in NAGA.

NAGA Goes Global

After more than 1 year of preparation and hard work, we are READY to expand our service to the whole globe

In simple words: from 42 supported countries, we are adding 183 new countries to our service offering.

This means that NAGA is available to 4 times more people than before.

We are very happy and proud of this important step.

In order to find out which countries are supported and which we’re still working on adding, tap HERE.

Updates on our NAGA TRADER iOS & Android Apps

We have spent endless hours with our UX Team to improve the way you open a trade in NAGA TRADER.

An easy and understandable interface — is the key to success. Thus, the new “Open a Trade” screen features optimized screen flow. From top-down, it includes the option of Buying or Selling your favorite instruments, a live chart, and the ability to open trades at the current market or at a specific price in the future.

Also, you can define how much money you plan to spend or how many units you want to buy. Moreover, we tell you what % of your funds will be spent per each trade.

With the already well-established NAGA Protector, you will still be able to set up automated profits and loss limits.

Try it out and tell us what you think! We’re pretty sure it’s the best interface for opening stock, CFD, crypto or currency trades.

From time to time, some users told us that they experienced issues with management of active positions. As a result, we decided to completely rebuild the entire way you change limits.

Now you can easily set up your Profit/Loss limits at any time, specifying your target rate or target amounts.

Every change is saved in real-time.

1. Go to your Trades
2. Tap on an active or scheduled (pending) trade
3. Tap on “Edit” and check out the new UI.

Day/Night Mode

This change took a whole new design approach and we are very proud of it!

The Day/Night mode is now available in both Apps. The entire app can be switched from a dark mode to a light mode and vice versa. Just visit the menu, tap on settings and select the Light/Dark toggle.

We LOVE it!

Improved NewsFeed

The News Feed is one of the most important screens in NAGA TRADER, especially when it comes to real-time news tailored to YOUR trading behavior. We have improved news delivery, the news algorithm and the UI of the social boxes.

Check out the updated news feed and see what your friends traded, copied or how much profit they made. Also, you will be able to open trades directly from the feed of your friends’ activities.

Improved Auto-Copying

One of the most popular and successful feature in NAGA TRADER is the “Auto-Copy” feature.

Autocopying Top-Traders allows you to copy every trade they make, so that you make money when they make money.

We have improved the UI on this feature to make it even easier to use.

You can easily copy based on a % ratio of the average investment size of you leader or by specifying a fixed amount that you want to invest whenever your Trade-Leader opens new trades.

Check the leaderboard, tap on Auto Copy and experience the new UI!

Do you really want to close that trade?

This feature was long-awaited and we finally incorporated it! Whenever you close a trade, we will now ask you if you really want to complete the action.

We think you’ll all agree: this update makes a lot of sense!

New Web-Trader

We are preparing big improvements for our NAGA Web-Trader.

The new Web-Trader will be a state of the art trading platform, including all of the best features of the NAGA Ecosystem. We aim to release the New Web-Trader on June 22nd.

In order to bring our users a perfect trading experience, we are also teaming up with TradingView to give you the very best charts for your trading experience.

The first Web-Trader release will include:

  • A state of the art code base
  • Full Real-Time Pricing service
  • Mobile responsive for all devices
  • White-Clean Design
  • Trading with extensive Charting, AutoCopying and Leaderboard

The change from the old to the new WebTrader will happen gradually. You will be able to use both platforms until we have finalized all of the new features.

Update your App Now!