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She smiled, radiating all the happiness in the world. Her face was magic & her eyes went bright. Wrapped around her face was a pink Hijab! The cloth was torn at places, maybe her parents had no money to buy her a new one. But her mother made a beautiful embroidery around it giving it an inventive texture. Her toe was coming out of the hole in one shoe…But she was carefree, my presence was all that mattered to her.

She started running towards me, using her tiny legs ..And jumped on me with a trust that I will grab her. She then shouted “Will you make me play some good games today? Bhaiya, please !! ” I smiled back, looked into her eyes, that purity, that innocence ..where else will I find them? It was mesmerizing to see the joy in her that was above the materialistic happiness what we all are chained with…

Dealing with social stigma, mental stress & the virus.

It was a Friday evening & I was prepping up to bake some sugarfree bread for my parents. Later that weekend, I had planned to upload that recipe on Medium platform.

My brother started feeling feverish at night. …

Let’s keep aside the negativity and review this film objectively!

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The social media circus around the death of Sushant Singh Rajput continues. First, the villain was nepotism & Bollywood producers, and now Rhea is the villain. Meanwhile, nobody other than Sushant & the ‘villain’ knows who it is. But social media & news channel hosts seems to know everything. Looks like, they know more than CBI & Mumbai police. In between all this, the ‘nepotistic’ Sadak 2's trailer became the most disliked trailer in history. But is the film bad? Let’s find out.

Sadak 2 takes on fake Babas who harass innocents in the name of religion. A noble theme. Sadak 2 reminds you of ‘PK’. Both films have a similar theme. But that is the only similarity you can think off. …


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