1st Step: Briefing

6 more days to go until you can back for the game on Kickstarter.

Every idea starts with a briefing, a problem or a challenge, right? Sharpen your smart pencils and let’s get a briefing done.

Maybe you have already identified a challenge for yourself.

Write it down as detailed as possible. Mention everything, what comes to your mind.

The text should include the challenge, what are the desired outcome, the overall situation, and obstacles. If you want you can as well write the desired best possible future outcome and what you want to achieve.

Now get a text marker and identify the most important for you. Which are the key elements of the detailed text?

If you have them, write again a text based on the keywords. Repeat the highlighting step and do write again a conclusion. If you end with a crisp and easily understandable text you are right.

No Idea, no problem — we have developed an AR Companion App

Myndset is all about simplifying and enriching the process of developing an idea, and inspiring new ways of thinking while doing so. Instead of giving you an e-book with all the details of every cards purpose, we provide you with an app to scan our cards and obtain detailed information and learnings. Just hold a card in front of your smartphone, and watch the magic happen.

The app also contains detailed briefings and challenges just in case you have no goal to work towards.

f you, too, believe in our journey you can find out more about Myndset here, and we’d be happy to inform you once our cards are available on Kickstarter.

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