4th Step: Myndset Card

3 more days to go until you can back for the game on Kickstarter.

Mar 11, 2019 · 2 min read


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Myndset — Digital Hero

When it comes to digital, this guy is a true nerd. He is the type that every company wants — he is not just a designer, no, he also knows how to code, or at least, build digital stuff to succeed in our tech era.

Although he is considered to be a Digital Native, a Millennial, or from Generation Y to Z, his talents reflect just a specific group of them.

What inspires him is to be a part of something larger, to have success in what he is doing, but also to have freedom.

Most of our tech gurus today come from Generation Y and pride themselves on making a real impact, feeling socially relevant and intertwining both their work and private life to achieve a larger goal.

Why did we create this card?

Although you probably think of everyone as a digital hero, not everyone is. As much as this card seems to reflect an entire generation, there is a great difference between having a capable digital mindset than from someone who is born in the digital world and grows up with the newest gadgets practically in their hand at birth.

For one who observed the change and knows about analog vs. digital, it is a slightly different story. We need people who can direct our current transition phase from the industrial era to the digital, and who understands both worlds to shape our future.

The game consists of 5 decks. Starting with the selection of a challenge, briefing, or goal, the user should draw random or specific cards from each of the decks that correspond to the tools or mediums that will be used to create an idea.

Myndset — How does it work?

Each card represents a topic along with an icon and some keywords. They are designed to stimulate creative thinking, challenge the user to find alternative solutions, design behavior and help them present their fresh ideas.

If you, too, believe in our journey you can find out more about Myndset here, and we’d be happy to inform you once our cards are available on Kickstarter.

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Stop consuming — Start creating. With Myndset

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