Hey Patrick — Really liked your post, but I picked on you a bit in my rebuttal.
Christopher Scullin

Quite flattered that you would write a post about my post. This is an awesome introduction “The delightfully-alliteratively-named author Patrick Park”

Thanks. When I say you should wake up at 5AM. I don’t suggest anywhere you should get “less” sleep. In fact I sleep at around 8PM~9PM and enjoy micro-naps when possible. Should have made it more clear you shouldn’t sacrifice your sleep.

What would the indirect cost of the 5AM morning startup be? Perhaps it would lead to a more unfocused day job. Then again this article is aimed at people working at day jobs wanting to jump into entrepreneurship. What is the indirect cost of staying at a job you despise?

Regarding indirect cost on your health. I work on my startup for 1 hour, then exercise at my home-gym for 1 hour. I find working out in the morning to be more consistent than clamoring to gym under the mercy of a sporadic work schedule. My detailed morning startup routine will likely be my next post.

Hope that clears things up!
The delightfully-alliteratively-named author Patrick Park

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