Bulletproof Coffee: A Diet Fad or Fab?

Health & fitness has never been so competitive before as it is now, leaving aside the skepticism it brings with every new ingredient/recipe. I can understand it gets difficult for people who spend hours on regulating a healthy diet and nutrition but haven’t got any positive results. Even after having various healthy smoothie recipes diet and superfoods in our diet, still there remains a thin wall that keeps us away from burning fat and growing lean muscles. And in this context, bulletproof might turn into your key to success.

So, it is time to move over Starbucks and switch to this new coffee craze- Bulletproof coffee which is backed by science and popular figures. This caffeinated concoction of black coffee, grass-fed butter and coconut oil is all set to escalate your weight loss and healthy-going journey. So, why not go for this low-carb , energy rich coffee for a perfect morning start.

Let’s get deeper into what exactly is a Bulletproof coffee and everything it has to do with your health.

What is a Bulletproof coffee?

Typically, a Bulletproof coffee is not any coffee brand but a recipe. It involves mixing of high-grade coffee, grass-fed no salt butter and some coconut oil ( specifically a medium-chain triglyceride) oil in a process to emulsify the oils producing a foaming coffee. With every sip you would feel energized and closer to burning fat.

Well, now you must be thinking why bulletproof coffee is so popular among paleo-diet and low-carb health enthusiasts. It is all due to its nutritional value and multiple health benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

# Best for regulating the insulin levels as no spike or crash is being observed in blood sugar level with the use of dietary fats in this coffee. So, if you are a diabetic, you can definitely have it in the morning without worrying of its side-effects.

# Keeps you energized for all day long. With low-calorie and high nutritional level, a cup of Bulletproof coffee gives you lot of energy. And this energy helps in fueling the bodily functions throughout the morning to the night, keeping you satiated.

So all in all, Bulletproof coffee is no fad when it comes to counting on its health benefits.