Protein smoothies recipes for a good start of the day

Do you crave for some food or drink to keep yourself energized all day long? Or you feel hungry very often leading to binge eating? Well, then protein smoothies are just for you. You must begin your day with a healthy protein smoothie that would keep you satiated and energized throughout the day.

If you are bored of adding the same old ingredients into your blender again and again, then this blog is just here for you. From rich chocolatey superfood shakes to tropical fruity delights to complete pain relief elixirs, we have all that you would ever crave for. With an ideal dose of protein-rich superfood smoothies every morning, you would feel better than ever before, in terms of energy.

Why Protein Smoothie Recipes are a craze now?

We all know, how busy life is getting with each passing day. And for the most, we literally don’t have time to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal let alone exercise. Such a routine leads to unhealthy diet plans and untimely medical consequences like obesity which is majorly affecting a large population these days. And this is when protein smoothies come into light.

A protein smoothie is a perfect meal replacement consisting of all natural nutrients needed by the body to function well. Being low in calories, smoothies also helps in reducing excessive fat out of the body thus lets you reach your fitness goals faster.

Here is a list of some quick-to-make, tasty protein smoothie recipes containing at least 8grams of protein or more:

1. Avocado Beet Lime Superfood Smoothie Recipe

Protein content: 14.4g
 2. Banana Bread Superfood Smoothie Recipe

Protein Content: 10.4g
 3. Breast Cancer Raspberry Superfood Smoothie Recipe

Protein content: 9.2g
 4. Caramel Apple Superfood Smoothie Recipe

Protein Content: 8g

5. Cashew Nut Cup Superfood Smoothie Recipe

Protein Content: 8.7g

Protein smoothies are often claimed to be taken only by bodybuilders or someone who is into vigorous exercising. But it is all a myth, each of our body requires protein to perform basic bodily functions of repairing skin, bones, muscles, etc. And the best part is, an effective dose of protein keep untimely food cravings at bay.