Superfood Smoothie Recipes for Diabetic Patients

Are you a diabetic patient? Well, having diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to straight away cut the supply of foods you love, in name of making healthy food choices. However, there is one thing every one of you can try i.e eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, as they are low in calories and rich in nutrition. Also, there are some fruits and vegetables that better help in managing diabetes as compared to the daily dosage of medicines.

However, a proper care is to be taken while adding fruits in your superfood smoothie recipes so that the blood sugar level doesn’t spike. And the key to managing this is to mix the ingredients in the quantity as mentioned in the recipes.

Here are few effective superfood mix recipes specifically formulated to treat diabetic patients. Try them to start your own healthy food habit schedule supplying optimum nutrients to your body.

Berry Banana Split Superfood Smoothie Recipe

The Berry Banana Split Superfood Smoothie Recipe is an amazing superfood mix recipe to have a perfect start of the summer morning days. The recipe comprises of total 11 ingredients including the very special ingredient i.e Ancient Berry Superfood Mix which is itself a fine blend of 9 different superfoods.

Meticulously formulated under expert supervision, the superfood mix is helpful in treating Leukemia, Low Sugar and also Diabetes Type 2. However, to get most of the smoothie benefits, you need to add the right ingredients and that too in optimum amount. Here is a list of ingredients to be used in this superfood smoothie recipe.


1–2 tbsp: Ancient Berry Superfood Mix

1/2 cup: Almond Milk (unsweetened)

1/4 : Banana

1/4 cup: Raspberries

1/4 cup: Strawberries

1/8 cup: Carrots

1/8 cup: Summer Squash

1/2–1 cup: Ice

1/2–1 cup: Water

Optional Ingredients:

1/2–2 scoop: Smoothie Protein

1/4 tsp: Vanilla Extract

Diabetes Blueberry Tea Superfood Smoothie Recipe

Targeting more than 7 health ailments ranging from diabetes to multiple sclerosis, this super delectable superfood smoothie is a perfect meal replacement. It is very necessary for diabetic patients to regulate their weight which could only be possible if you consume low-calorie foods. This recipe contains Ancient Delight Superfood Mix and Ancient Chocolate Superfood Mix that doubles up the nutritional value without spiking the calorie count.

Here is the list of ingredients to be used while preparing this smoothie are:


1/4 cup: Banana

1/4 cup: Blueberries

1/4 cup: Green Tea (Cold Brewed)

1/4 cup: Almond Milk (unsweetened)

1/2 tbsp: Ancient Delight Superfood Mix

1/2 scoop: Smoothie Protein

1 tsp: Almond Butter

3/4 tbsp: Ancient Chocolate Superfood Mix

1/4–1/3 cup: Ice

It isn’t easy to live a healthy life when you have diabetes, however, with proper meals and healthcare, you can also live like a normal person without worrying about any complications. And superfoods smoothie recipes would help the most in this.