Puma RS-0

My latest sneakers

Nathan Herald
1 min readApr 16, 2018

A reboot of the RS Computer Shoe (yes, for real), the Puma RS-0 is a new “future-retro” sneaker and I am in love with them. I copped these over the weekend and I’ve really enjoyed the look and the comfort. They are super comfortable all day, but they are a bit heavy so I don’t think anyone will be running in these.

The shoe is named the RS-0 because the design team wanted to “literally reboot it back to zero.” You can read a good interview with Heiko Desens from Puma about the shoe over on Hypebeast. They dropped two other RS-* shoes this weekend as well, but I only copped the zeros.

I am super intrigued by the original Computer Shoe.

You can read more about the history of the RS Computer Shoe over at Nice Kicks.

They also dropped some special edition RS-0’s here in Berlin last week including Polaroid, Sega, and Roland collaborations. The Polaroids are 🔥