[ANN][ICO]MYODDZ.BET: Sports Betting, Casino, P2P Betting, & More! ODDZ Tokens

MyOddz.bet: Sports Betting, Casino, P2P Betting, Poker, Raffles, Coin Flip, Dice and Bingo.




Bounty Share: 2% of all tokens, minted at end of ICO.

Campaigns include:

Translation & Moderation (bitcointalk.org)
Blogs & Media


Launch & ICO Announcement December 7th , 2017

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening!

Thank you for taking the time to read our ANN here on bitcointalk.org. We are the team from MyOddz.bet and we’re here to introduce you to our fantastic project. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are about it! We want to shake up the world of Betting and Casino’s as we know it! Built on the Ethereum block chain, to ensure security , trust and transparency for all to see (surely we all know this by now?)

Users can bet on a huge variety of sports and esports, play Casino games to their hearts content and now they can bet P2P as never before and TRULY BECOME THE HOUSE! We’ve also got Poker, Dice, Coin Flip, Bingo and Raffles!

With all traditional sports betting markets available, users will also be able to create their own markets, have private bets via invite and use our platform on their own websites!

MyOddz.bet Website | MyOddz.bet Whitepaper

Whitelist sale starts: January 15th, 2018, 17:00 GMT
Public Sale starts: January 18th 2018, 17:01 GMT
Public Sale ends: February 12th, 2018, 17:00 GMT.

Number of tokens available in Sale: 250,000,000 = 65% of total mint.

Whitelist min contribution: 1 ETH
Whitelist maximum contribution: No max contribution

Token cost: 1 ETH = 3200 ODDZ Tokens

Payment methods accepted:

Ethereum (ETH) transfer to smart contract;

***DO NOT send ETH direct from an exchange such as Coinbase, Bittrex etc as they cannot interact with our smart contract deployed during the ICO***

MyOddz.bet Project Summary

MyOddz.bet is a decentralized smart contract dApp deployed on the Ethereum block chain network. The nature of smart contracts engenders trust from all, due to transparency, and also proves fairness in way not possible before.

Becoming an owner of MyOddz.bet ODDZ Tokens, will enable you to take part in our quarterly profit share. Every 12 weeks, tokens will be locked and a contract will be shared for you to interact with, to claim your profits, proportional to the number of ODDZ Tokens held in your wallet. You WILL NOT be able to trade your ODDZ Tokens during this profit sharing phase of one week.

ODDZ Token holders will be able to participate on the site in the same was as all users, with the additional bonus that you will share in profits. Like to play Slots? We’ll have those! Like to bet on Tennis? You can do that too! Want to take part in our 1000 Eth Raffle?

OR, do YOU want to be the house? With our P2P betting system this will truly be possible in the way you’ve always wanted it to be. Take bets from individuals, groups, or unlimited numbers (subject to max outlay and wallet balance).

Want to create your own markets on MyOddz.bet? You can bet on whatever you can imagine! Market creators also have the opportunity to profit from what they’ve created! Private invite only bets between friends and colleagues? You can do that too.

Setting up your own operation? Well you can utilize our P2P betting system for your own site. Set your own odds, have your own branding, make it your own!

Who’s on the team?

MyOddz.bet have a team of all talents. Entrepreneurs, Technical wizards, World renowned Audio Specialists, Front end design, Back end design and build, Graphics expert a Video expoert and very high level background advisors.

Richard Lehane: 

With over 20 years successful business experience
and an ever eager eye on the world of tech and 
advances. Has two jobs at MyOddz.bet. To build a 
successful product and brand. To make as much 
profit for ODDZ Token holders as possible.

James Cunningham:
Ethereum Smart contract Dev

An experienced software engineer and information 
systems researcher. Full-stack software developer. 
Ph.D. in Information Systems, expertise in information 
security & data privacy, functional programming, 
distributed systems and smart-contract/blockchain 
app development with Ethereum / Solidity. James 
brings technical and programming expertise to the 
MyOddz project.

Devin Holmes:
Front end, UI/UX design.

This guy has STYLE! It’s not unheard of that in any 
given week, one website that makes it to the front 
page of Reddit will be his handiwork. User focused 
and engaging designs, he brings the users in and 
keeps them there.

Marvin Beaver 
Audio design

AKA Dylan Rhymes. As featured on FIFA 99
WIPEOUT and Need for Speed. World renowned
Artist, remixer and DJ. Giving a 21st Century 
Twist to the casino audio experience.

Alex Dinnin
Motion Graphics / Video Design

An award winning motion graphics designer,
Alex brings his enormous skill to our motion 
graphics and video requirements. Showreel
includes Britain’s Got Talent

Javier Quesada
Graphics Design

An graphics designer with over 15 years experience 
bringing his design skills to the MyOddz.bet project.

A huskey with a typical huskey temperament. 
Talks a lot. Loves to run and chase CryptoKitties. 
All round good girl.

Please do read our white paper (In English only at time of posting this ANN).

Connect with us on our social platforms detailed above.

Although we can’t be on every platform at all times of the day, we WILL reply, so do ask questions.