How to Use the ODii Pick Up Tool

Often it might so happen that things like car keys, rings, credit cards fall from our hands and gets stuck in a tricky place like for example the space between the car seat and the gear shift knob. Now, retrieving the thing from such spaces is a difficult and often quite a frustrating task. This is where ODii comes to your rescue! ODii is the ingenious invention of Kenn Buxton. It is a really helpful gadget which comes with smart pick up tool which aid you in effectively retrieve things from such ‘tight spots’

The Retractable Telescopic Claw- ODii has a long, 19 inch telescopic claw which has a four pronged claw at its end. At one end of the plastic body, you would find a handle which controls the claw. If you push it down, the claw extends out and if you pull it up, the claw retracts back into the plastic body. The retractable claw can be used to retrieve cell phones, car keys and similar items.

Neodymium Magnet- ODii has another telescopic arm which has a powerful neodymium magnet at one end. The magnet is powerful enough to lift weights of two pounds. It is perfect for retrieving keys, rings, coins, nuts bolts and other items as well.

Detachable LED light- ODii has a bright LED light which would help you see clearly, even if the area is completely dark. This often becomes the case, when you are trying to retrieve things from places like a pipe, under the fridge and other areas. The LED light is completely detachable and hence can be used for other purposes too!

Bendable Claws- Both the retractable arm with the four pronged claw and the arm holding the neodymium magnet are bendable, so that they can easily reach the toughest spots with a great deal of ease.

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