COVID-19 Shows Us That The Future Of Care Is At Home

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Even before COVID-19, caring for the elderly was an already daunting task. Many families were faced with some difficult questions: Where do I start looking for care? Should I live close to my parents/grandparents in order to take care of them? Is my caregiver doing their job properly? How do I manage my care expenses?

Not only are families still faced with these questions, but they’re faced with a set of completely new ones as well. One of the unfortunate outcomes of the pandemic has been its rampant spread in senior communities like nursing homes and assisted living facilities. These communities have gone to great lengths to ensure the health and safety of its residents such as enforcing strict visiting protocols.

Despite these efforts, seniors still face the unavoidable risk of having a large number of people in one location. One of the primary benefits of keeping our older loved ones at home is the sense of familiarity and not having to adjust to a new environment. Avoidance of stressful situations plays a significant role in maintaining physical and mental health for people of all ages. But during this pandemic, staying at home has an even greater and more obvious benefit: avoiding large groups.

By hiring an in-home caregiver who you trust, having control of who comes into contact with your loved one becomes much simpler. Many families have even opted for their caregivers to only provide live-in services, reducing the risk of outside contact even further.

Thankfully there are many great resources online that make finding the right in-home caregiver easy. Additionally, the CDC’s website provides great resources on how caregivers and families can maintain safe environments at home.

Perry Yuzon,

Founder & CEO of Ona

Online marketplace connecting families with elderly care providers.

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