Great Reminders About UX Design From Mom

Your mom makes sense. TV remote controls never have made sense. They are a series of non-consecutive buttons set up in complicated, non-sensical ways. The buttons on a video roulette screen, by contrast, are 1) large, 2) color-coded, 3) in logical order. In short, they are very, very user friendly. TV remotes are not; they are similar to most credit card checkout systems at grocery stores, and all credit card pay systems at gas stations. None of them make any sense at all. ATMs used to be in this category too, but they are becoming a bit better. User experience for most task oriented products and services is considered last, not first. That’s why customer service is so horrendous at most companies — it is another part of the afterthought that is user experience.

And P.s….you now know why ALL cooks want their kitchens to themselves. ☺️

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