Handshake With Artificial Intelligence

Can they really outsmart us?

Since after the first release of “Utopia”, millions of people have been convinced about a perfect future where humans would transcend every limitation in their daily aspects. Science has been rushing to this point from different branches for several decades. Now we have found a way to achieve or create this perfect world physically by the help of Artificially Intelligent machines.

If one says “Intelligent Machines”, you might picture a fighting battle of Transformers movies at which humans are just pathetic creatures who couldn't compete fighting with those gigantic machines. But wait! Could it be really happening in future? My answer is “Probably!”

Geminoid F is a robot invented by a Japanese Engineering team. Who knows! We might make our favorite anime characters come into our life.

Artificial Intelligence technologies are growing rapidly and coming faster and faster. Robots have replaced humans in engineering, medicine, warfare, science and other different areas. Who knows if a robot might make pizza for you while you are watching your favorite movie?

Artificial Intelligence has already been taking over in Technology frontier. Google launched labs to research speech translation, visual processing and deep Neural Networks. Facebook acquired Oculus and expanded research about AI.

“Prediction is the essence of Intelligence” says Jeff Hawkins

But is it really possible to create intelligence which, even now, is still in a debatable stage. Many neuroscientists and Nano-technologists are still learning about “Consciousness” which plays main role of our senses and “Neural-network” of central nervous system to get a satisfying result. Jeff Hawkins says, in his book “On Intelligence”, that human brain work basically from memory. It does not process. It extracts data from memory. For instance, you can say A to Z alphabetically in ease. But it’s a big challenge to say in reverse.

In general term, we collect data through five (or six) senses and saved in our semantic memory. We have also another type of memory – working memory which is the one you are using right this moment while reading this sentence. Forgetting about deep human cognition and consciousness, we can take this example and program a simple neural network which works on “Saving and Retrieving” procedure.

If Jeff Hawkins’ theory was true, there’s a high chance that we can invent artificially intelligent machine species operating on highly powered neural networks might appear in distant future. We would meet a point where artificial intelligence transcends human limitations and outsmarts us. At that time, we might redefine the meaning of “Intelligence” or bring human cognition to a whole new level.

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