I could be wrong but..

I think the problem with belief systems is that they force people into a mindset where conceptual pivots are not an option.

So.. imagine someone that has built up a conceptual belief system or ideal through­out their lives.

They may have inherited those concepts from their family, social connections, religious groups, media influence or independently.

This belief system is identified with and applied throughout every aspect of this person’s life.

These beliefs are evident in the way they see and analyze the world around them. It also influences how they interact with other people especially in conversation and in the way they express their opinions and advice.

These people strongly believe that their belief system is airtight, foolproof and may have had such a long, ancient history that it not only still applies to modern society but also carries more substance and validity than any other system. Even if people respect each other’s belief systems, they have chosen to apply one to their life over all the others based on many various reasons. The belief system establishes a sense of control and self worth by eliminating the mystery and emptiness that life can seem to reveal. It also establishes a set of rules and filters that one can pass life’s challenges and experiences through in order to act accordingly to the code.

But what if I want to learn something new every day?

How can someone learn to accept new ideas, opinions and concepts if their mind compares the new information against an acceptance standard? Even if they acknowledge the person who is presenting the information in a humble and respectful way, they are still dismissing the information if it doesn’t fit the criteria that they need to strengthen their preconceived ideals.

By being open to accepting new information does not automatically mean that you are gullible or easy to manipulate, it simply means that you are susceptible to change, adaption and willing to educate yourself with all the information that is presented to you in this life experience. When we accept more knowledge, we can make more informed decisions. By making more informed decisions, we can help ourselves and, in turn, others in a more comprehensive and compassionate manner.

“The most enlightened people are the ones that realize and accept that they know nothing.” — by someone, sometime probably..lol

By accepting people’s point of view and opinions we are not having to believe in them or analyze them in any way. I think it is healthy to contemplate the essence of that new information, however, we should not dismiss it based on a comparing it with any previous knowledge we have.

If we deny the new information that is being communicated to us by refusing to be affected by it, we are doing ourselves and humanity a disservice. Can you imagine someone, who has a life long belief pattern set up in their minds, changing that view point after accepting converse information from someone else? How can anyone grow intelligently, spiritually or naturally if they refuse to change everything they understand based on the smallest of new information that challenges their entire belief system?

Can you imagine a politician admitting that they were wrong or stepping down to change their point of view after accepting new information from the general public?

Of course there is logical comparison which helps us avoid danger, however, I am discussing cognitive, contemplative information. By avoiding the trap of running all new information through a filter before we choose to reflect on it is what stops us from being humble, timeless and more importantly

— accepting what is now.