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Platform - Google Cardboard & Gear VR

Tools - UNITY, C#, Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max, Mesh Mixer, Visual Studio

Development time - 4 months

This game was my FIRST attempt at creating anything in VR. I started with zero knowledge of C# or Unity. As such, I wanted to approach it very basically, and start with an SDK that would limit my scope to the fundamentals. I felt it would be distracting if I picked up a VIVE and just went ape with all the possibilities & models of interaction. …

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In a basic sense, ephemerality and architecture are completely opposite in nature. Architecture is concerned with the construction of a physical reality, the rigid and physically violent organization of matter into a state of shelter. The ephemeral is the state of the imperceptible, the brief, immaterial realities that tease our senses and give a sense of satisfaction to the body and mind; Its what makes us fall in love with architecture.

“Architecture” doesn’t exist without its ability to register ephemeral qualities against our senses. Why can the heaviest structures register as invisible, air filled entities, while the ‘lightest’ structures can feel like dense junk? The difference is “architecture” and a quality of ephemerality. These ephemeral sensations form a large part of architectural cognition. The symbiosis between the hard function of architecture and our imagination of it forms the womb in which architecture is born. Reality, natural or man made, is pregnant with the ephemeral, we either give it structure, or fail to. …

Every second 65 billion neutrinos pass through every square centimeter of our body and the Earth.

Neutrinos do not carry electric charge, which means that they are not affected by the electromagnetic forces that act on charged particles such as electrons and protons. They are also extremely tiny because of which they travel mostly undisturbed through matter. This makes neutrinos extremely hard to detect, and the harder a particle is to detect, the more massive and sophisticated the detectors have to be. The Super Kamiokande in Japan is one such neutrino observatory.

The Super Kamiokande or Super-K for short is located 1,000 meters underground in the Mozumi Mine in Hida’s Kamioka area. The observatory was designed to search for proton decay, study solar and atmospheric neutrinos, and keep watch for supernovae in the Milky Way Galaxy. …


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