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Several lingerie companies have come under fire in recent months for their use of overly thin models in their ad campaigns as well as their runway shows. Other print ads have also been called out for excessive and unrealistic photoshopping but according to a new industry report, the trend is only getting worse. Now, according to one industry report, the body mass index for most of the runway models places them in the anorexic category meaning they are dangerously underweight. Flat Belly Overnight

Two decades ago, a fashion model was only slightly smaller than the average woman, just under ten percent thinner in most cases. Flash forward twenty years and the divide between the average woman and the fashion model is over twenty percent. And while that may not seem so shocking at first, consider this as well: plus size models in the fashion industry are shrinking as well. Just ten years ago, the average plus size model, considered a specialty niche at the time, was roughly size twelve to fourteen. What are being deemed plus size models in the present day are between size six to fourteen. Flat Belly Overnight Formula

Nearly half of all the women in the United States come in at a size fourteen or larger but most of the sizes in typical, high end shops end before that size. Some experts are claiming that the obesity epidemic is causing much of the backlash by driving the average woman’s size and weight skyward. Still others are claiming that if bigger models were made to be the average, then obesity would become even more serious. According to a report published in the Journal of Consumer Research, people feel the right to eat more, including more calories if they see an overweight or obese person. On the other hand, when they see a thin model, they may feel inspired to try to watch what they are eating or to exercise to lose weight. Flat Belly Overnight Review

A new pictorial in an online magazine related to the plus size modeling industry has shown the difference between an average person and a runway model. That pictorial has had over 300,000 hits, has been retweeted on Twitter over eight hundred times and has been shared on Facebook over 11,000 times. The pictures, of nude women of two very different sizes also have slogans and inspirational phrases on them. Response for the campaign has been largely positive. The editorial photos are also calling on consumers to boycott shops that refuse to carry larger sizes and have asked that standards be enacted to prevent extreme weight loss efforts in the biggest name models. Flat Belly Overnight Reviews

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