Paga’s monumental year: looking back to press forward

Paga CEO: Tayo Oviosu, taking a group selfie with colleagues who clocked 5 years at Paga in 2017

At Paga, we take pride in being different. Not just for the sake of it but because today’s problems cannot be solved by yesterday’s thinking. “Different” helps us to think ahead and find those key moments to pull the future into the present. Achievements in 2017 provided us with a solid foundation to seize these key moments and this could not have been established without the contribution of our customers, partners and agents. Our strength truly comes from the diversity found in the progressive people in our ecosystem.

From day one we saw an Africa where people have easy access to financial services, empowering themselves to change their communities and chase their dreams.

Fueled by this vision, we’ve worked tirelessly to:

  • enable payments
  • build Nigeria’s largest and most effective shared agent distribution network distribution network and
  • develop a solid relationship with our customer base

These represent the first leg of our strategy and 2017 culminated our work in this respect with the following:

7 million users milestone

Agent Network penetration

Industry recognition

my242 Product launch

Paga Plus partnerships

International Money Transfer Operator (IMTO) license

Lagos at 50 conference

Quartz Africa Innovators

Innovator’s recognition

As we go into 2018, we step into Paga’s destiny by fulfilling our mission:

“Transforming lives by delivering innovative and universal access to financial services”

The next phase in our journey will involve us championing Digital Financial services (DFS) for all Nigerians by promoting features like savings and loans.

Paga’s DFS will provide convenient access to financial products through our digital platform and agent network. Through this Paga continues to be the #1 provider of electronic transactions for the mass market. With approximately 70 million unbanked and underbanked Nigerians it is critical that we extend our reach and service offerings to allow them to contribute to the formal economy and unlock untapped potential.

At Paga we believe in TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More. This mantra is at the heart of all we do as we collaborate with Nigerians to bring a prosperous future into our promising present.

The whole team says a BIG Thank You for making 2017 possible!