Dear Diary

2 min readMar 1, 2019

MyPainScore evaluates biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to poor outcomes in persistent pain. One of the ways to explore thoughts and feelings surrounding events in your life is by writing them in a journal. This practice of keeping a diary enhances mindfulness, memory and communication. It can also improve sleep and boost your immune system, mood, self-confidence and IQ.

So, what are you waiting for? There aren’t any rules: you can write in a notebook, on a computer or even on your phone; and, if you aren’t sure what to write about, there are some suggestions below. Whether you write 3 words or an essay, the main thing is to find a manageable style that suits you.

How do you feel?
After writing down an answer, pause and read it back. To extend the exercise, try replacing any negative thoughts with positive ones: for example, ‘I feel… useless’ might become ‘I can be 100% me and not feel judged’.

Track your pain
Use smiley or sad faces, a simple number scale or draw the location and intensity of your pain. If you can express your pain, you can effectively explain it to others and see the success of treatment.

How do you want to feel? Focus on that feeling during the day and take steps to towards making it happen.

Train yourself to see the positive things around you.

Write down your dreams and aspirations. Once you identify your goals, you can take small steps to make them a reality.

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