How to make (and keep) New Year’s resolutions

Mar 1, 2019 · 2 min read

MyPainScore provides personal prescriptions of lifestyle advice for people with persistent pain.

You might have made New Year resolutions many times before and failed to achieve them. Perhaps you’ve set unrealistic goals like going to gym every day, losing 2 stone in weight by the summer, to stop drinking alcohol altogether or quitting smoking? To help you change that this year, we’ve looked at the most popular resolutions and suggested small, achievable goals that will improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing:

1. Try a plant-based diet for a few weeks with Veganuary.

2. Walk, jog, run or volunteer for a Parkrun near you.

3. Get your life on track with a to-do list app.

4. Dry January is a 1-month booze-free challenge.

5. Write a reverse bucket list of accomplishments and things you’re proud of.

Change can be scary, but support from friends, family and experts can really help. Tell people around you about your plans and let them know how you get on. You can let us know, too, by replying to this email, finding us on Facebook or connecting on Twitter.

Would you like to receive free, personalised self-management recommendations from MyPainScore? Book a time via this Calendly link.

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