How to Measure Your Bra Size

We recognize there’s a gap in how traditional sizing standards fit women now, and we want to improve these standards to fit YOUR BODY better.

To help us better collect uniform data on your size, please use this formula to measure yourself:

  1. Use soft measuring tape in inches, and measure around the underbust. Make sure the tape is taut and you’re slightly exhaling.
  1. BAND SIZE: If your underbust measurement is an even number, add 4. If it’s an odd number add 5. This is your band size. (e.g 30" underbust measurement = 34 band size)
  2. Measure around the fullest part of the chest, making sure that the tape is flat and leveled around the chest. Try not to squish the boobs!

4. CUP SIZE: Subtract the difference between band size and fullest bust measurement. If it’s less than one inch, choose an AA. If it’s one inch difference, choose A. If 2 inches, choose B.

But my measurements don’t match the size I wear now!

All bra companies unfortunately have slightly different sizing based on their design, even if they measure the same way. However, most manufacturers use the exact same underwire length in multiple band sizes.

See chart below! For example, a 32B actually has the same cup volume as a 34A. So if you wear a 32B, but the band size is a little tight but the cup size is perfect, you can go “down” on the diagonal and try a 34A. Conversely, if you want a bigger band size but with the same cup volume, follow your diagonal upward. This could explain why you wear multiple sizes.

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