How often were you told as a child to wipe away your tears? Told that “boys don’t cry” and “girls cry too much”? That it’s embarrassing to cry?

This messaging has had a dramatic effect on millions around the world; certainly on me; maybe even on you too.

Here’s why…

Many of us lack clarity about who we truly are. If I asked you – what matters most to you in life? What are your core values? Your deepest aspirations? Your vision of happiness?

Would be able to answer me clearly?…

Luckily for all of us, from time to time…

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What’s wonderfully refreshing about “life” is that it’s not a goal to chase nor a destination to arrive at. It’s not even a “journey” (a metaphor!) if we’re being perfectly honest. Life is an “experience”, coloured by our perceptions, felt through our emotions and rationalised in our mind.

The more you experience, the more you live and learn about yourself, about others and the world around you. The first of these — learning about yourself — entails exploring the two most powerful forces within you: your mind and your heart; then observing their relationship in your daily life (i.e. does…

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Think of something you really like doing at work … it can be anything. Got it?


Now take a moment to think of why you love doing that “thing” … why?


Question: do you like doing that “thing” because, at some level, it corresponds with something so fundamental to who you are that it resonates in you? And to follow on, do you do that “thing” well? Does it come naturally to you?

This short exercise demonstrates the natural link between things you really like doing and who you truly are (i.e. your core values or aspirations). More…

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Did you know you have two incredibly powerful forces within you? The first is your mind. It’s the greatest super-computer there is, and it’s in your head telling you what you need to do, how you need to do it and in what order every single moment of every single day!

Your mind cares about one thing above all else: performance, your performance (the first “P”) which is why it’s always pushing you to work harder, reach higher, and always do more, right? That’s why you often feel so pressured against time…

You know you have a “performance” mindset when…

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