MyPoolin is on Mobile Now

An Android App like never before

In 5 months, on MyPoolin website, our amazing users pooled money for use cases like group gifting, movies, events, trips, parties and more. It has been a great learning for us observing how folks pooled and what they pooled for as we witnessed the immense joy it gave them to pool money and do things they love to do, with the ones they love hanging out with.

We realised that pooling begins with friends chatting about what to gift, which movie or concert to go for, which place to travel to and so on. The ubiquitous smart phones and high connectivity now facilitate group conversations like never before where we see various social dynamics coming into play that lead to the group decision making, who is going to come, who is not interested etc.

To facilitate that seamlessly, we have added great group chatting within the app where you can carry out the conversations and also indicate what your status is — whether you are in or not, you like an idea or not etc. with a very cool toggle.

Moreover, to ensure that you never run out of cool ideas to pool for, we have also curated an amazing list of recommendations for movies, events, trips etc. that you can share with friends with a single tap.

All this is on top of what we have been passionate about solving — making group payments seamless like never before without you having to ever be in an uncomfortable “You owe me” situation with your friends.

This is just a beginning, we have lots of amazing things coming up and we look forward to delight you like never before.

Install MyPoolin Android App —

and share any feedback with us. We will be available all time to ensure you pool money with friends without a worry.

For our iOS users, we will be working hard to release the iOS app soon but you don’t have to worry as you can still create and chip in for pools through our website well optimised for mobile as well.

Download and start sharing amazing ideas to pool for!

Team MyPoolin