MYPOOLIN | Most Secure Way to Transfer Money

Before you give us that look, read on…

First, the basics…

R.I.P Account Numbers & IFSC Codes

You no longer need to share your Bank Account number and IFSC code. Instead all you need is just a phone number to transfer money from any Bank account to any Bank account.

Free, Instant & Secure!

UPI is just a smarter and faster IMPS

UPI is built on top of existing layer of IMPS (Immediate payment service) which has been running smoothly since 2010.

It’s Bank Grade Secure!

Mypoolin links exclusively to your mobile device

All transactions are made with a UPI-PIN (a secure 4 to 6 digit PIN set by you while registering). This replaces tedious OTPs & Grid Verifications.

So you now know it works, and it works well. But you’re still not convinced are you?

We know what you’re thinking.

What if I lose my phone?

Apart from the fact that you just lost your phone, there’s no need to worry!

Remember the UPI-PIN we just told you about? You’ll need it to make any transaction on Mypoolin, from Rs 2 to Rs 1,00,000. So even if someone manages to find your phone, unlock it and tries to make a transaction, they’ll not be able to do anything without your UPI-PIN.

What if someone knows my UPI-PIN?

Payments will only be successful if they are made using your registered mobile device. So even if someone naughty gets hold of your UPI-PIN, they can’t do anything without your registered mobile number! YOU hold the power, enjoy responsibly!

What if the transaction fails, or doesn’t reach my friend, who do I beat up?

Unfortunately…no one.

The money isn’t held by anyone! Yes…you read that right. Money is instantly debited from your account and credited to your friends’ account. So there is zero chance of the money getting lost or stolen (We’ve helped our 80,000 users make easy, instant and free payments without any complaints!
Go ahead, try it out by transferring anything between Rs 2 to Rs 1,00,000 and experience Mypoolin Payments yourself!

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