Tips to Become an Airbnb Superhost

Airbnb’s coveted Superhost status is a real stamp of approval for hosts. Guests are far more likely to book with super hosts and nightly rates increase. Superhosts can get as many as 60% more bookings than others.

To become a Superhost, hosts must fulfill the following criteria:

● Required to complete at least 10 trips in their listing within a year.
● Maintained a 90% Response Rate or higher.
● At least 80% of their reviews need to be 5 stars.
● Successfully complete each confirmed reservation without canceling.

Pretty straightforward? Only a small percentage of Airbnb hosts qualify for Superhost status. As an Airbnb management company, however, My Property Host have secured Superhost status for over 60% of their clients.

Below are some of their tips for reaching this milestone.

Awesome Hospitality Experience:

Guests have selected your home over a hotel, so while they do not expect all the amenities of a hotel, some basic comforts are essential. Comfortable beds and linen are a must, along with the highest standards of cleanliness. Good wifi is also a basic requirement and, for business travellers, consider a work table with a printer/scanner.

Be honest — people are happiest when you manage their expectations:

If your place has any quirks, challenges or eccentricities, be sure to set them out clearly and up front. Quirks are what make properties personal and most Airbnb guests appreciate these as part of the Airbnb experience, but only if they are aware of them upfront. Pricing should also reflect any challenges to the property, for example if the internet if the apartment is on the 5th floor without lift, mention this in the listing and list it with an appropriate nightly rate. No one likes nasty surprises!

Give them more than what you have promised:

Small gestures and attention to detail go a long way. If you can offer coffee for the morning, provide access to a gym, leave a box of chocolates, this will make your guest’s experience memorable. If your guest is coming for a particular event, for example, to celebrate an anniversary, leave them a bottle of wine and a short note with local recommendations for a romantic meal and the experience will stay with your guests forever (and you’ll get an excellent review!)


Knowing that someone is there to answer questions is vital for a good guest experience. Always be prompt and courteous in your correspondence with your guests. Send them an email a few days before their arrival to organise logistics of arrival to ensure a smooth check in.

Keep communication open and responsive after they have checked in. Always email guests a day or two after check in to show you are there and thinking of them and happy to resolve any issues.

Leave small notes near electronic items explaining how they work:

Electronic items can be difficult to operate! Leave a small explanation of how different items work to make life easier for guests. Alternatively, leave a manual dealing with all items.

Leave your guests plenty of information on what to do in the area:

Leave a list of local restaurants, bars, cafes and attractions, including any of your personal favorites. Also leave information about buses, trains and transportation.

Decorate your space with interesting art, furniture, and bedding:

Airbnb guests like the personal touch, so interesting artifacts are always attractive. Don’t forget that their main activity will be sleeping, so provide good quality beds and linens!

Clean! Clean! Clean!

There is no better way to make a good impression than by giving each guest meticulously clean accommodation.

These are just a few pointers to help you start your journey on becoming a superhost! To know more call or email My Property Host, the property management company, London’s leading Airbnb management company.