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After I “To Did”, my “To Do” app is at the Centre of the Toolkit Caitlin Doerflein

For some time I have toggled between the value of general apps versus specialist apps on my mobile devices.

As a long time user of Evernote I am a use-case of a strong yes to general apps. Not just a general app, but in the minds of many, possibly the pick of generalist apps.

I have used Evernote to manage numerous tasks including note taking, photo records, snipping web pages and PDFs for future reference, setting reminders which is the one that I never considered to be a debate until 2 weeks ago.


I was reading a review for a To-Do app and found it a bit interesting and all the while reflecting on my use of Evernote and calendar to complete such event notices in my workflow. No need for an alternate or improved model in my mind. As I read further into the review, I was introduced to a range of apps that were multi-platform with a variety of functionality and design niceties.

The more I read of the article I felt lured into investigating, purely out of curiosity.

As I looked further into the apps, I started to question my personal workflow. If I was to use a To-Do app, would I enter into the app across multiple devices — logic said yes. Would I prefer to have the best desktop experience and settle for lesser experience on other devices such as my iPhone — probably.

As I dug deeper, I kept coming back to Things based on user reviews that spoke to the user experience.

Whilst I have an iPhone, I also have a Windows PC and Things is Apple end-to-end which left me with a more serious assessment of my personal use.

Decision Base

I made 2 decisions:

  1. To buy a To Do app.
  2. To buy the app based on my majority of use, so I went 80/20 on my normal day and decided based on workplace use and it needed to be mobile phone centric.

This had me settling on, what I thought would be, the best mobile phone experience and I went with Things.


Best decision!

I don’t sit to build a to-do list. My habit is to capture tasks as they come to mind and in support of my normal day, a mobile phone app is perfect.

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