Do you think your storytelling ability matters to your prospect?

Storytelling — Why?

Have you ever wondered if structuring a customer conversation was best served by using storytelling techniques to deepen the engagement? Also, if voice is the new productivity pathway?

If you haven’t then a quick read of the following might start to shift your thinking:

The articles took me in a direction that had me exploring the use of voice technology and the use of storytelling and the latter won my immediate attention.


I started digging into storytelling and I revisited an online Masterclass delivered by Kevin Spacey. In this class, you are taken through a quite intimate tuition over a number of hours and through a number of stages about emotion in messaging and being able to connect with an audience…getting beyond the superficial.Though I am not an actor, I found the tips and techniques to be relevant to my role as an account manager who aspires to excellence in communication — internally and externally to my organisation — every day.This wasn’t my greatest learning. That came after enrolling in another course through Masterclass.

Aaron Sorkin

You may well know of Aaron Sorkin for his screenwriting credits, including “A Few Good Men” and “The West Wing” amongst other great work.

I have only just started his online screenwriting course and he has introduced the notions of:

  • Intent; and
  • Obstacle.

He has spoken of the need to have both of these elements before you can have an engaging story — otherwise “it will only be journalism”.

The reason I draw to these two words, is because the job of an account manager is to uncover problems to be solved by our customers and prospects. In knowing this, we are frequently put through training and refresher courses and bombarded with significant terms such as “compelling event”.

My new business truth is this. The training I have attended over the years has been great but the core truth for me from now is searching to uncover a prospect’s intent, both personally and professionally. To be coupled with that intent there needs to be an obstacle.

If I can uncover a prospect’s intent and obstacle then I have gone beyond Sorkin’s “journalistic interview” and moved closer to bringing business value to customers and prospects.