Foreground & Background Voice Alok Sharma

Recently I was listening to a friend talking about the richness of the mix of foreground and background noises in the forest. Quite an engaging topic and it got me thinking about the foreground and background voices of an account manager.

In sales we are repeatedly taken through training that has us focusing on solution selling, strategic selling etc. The training also hones the account manager’s use of their foreground voice. By the foreground voice I mean the direct actions and engagement that deliver progress in a sales process.

On reflection, I struggled to see where this same training helped me develop a background voice. This where I think an integrated social media plan for an account manager can bring sustainable value to a sales career.

Imagine being able to influence your sales career through targeted and specific social media communication. This would not only assist in progressing opportunities but create an auditable and verifiable public brand for the account manager. An auditable and verifiable career tapestry.

Part of the challenge is to work out how to plan and co-ordinate the social media campaign and some considerations include:

1. How well you know your targeted audience;

2. Their importance ranking;

3. What is your public brand; and

4. Which social media channels.

It can seem complex at the outset and in a future post I will share a model that I have been using that is a great tool for reducing the complexity in this planning and execution.