One of the best practices that we introduced in the video best practices for Flutter is Flutter Code Analysis and Linting. I would like to start a small series of different Blog posts where we talk about each of these Best Practices and today we start with the very first one: Code Analysis and Linting.

Setup Code Linting for a Flutter project

In the beginning, let me say that additional Linting in Flutter is a controversial topic. On one side, many love code linting, because it allows us to focus on crucial parts of our code. However, some people are not fond of it because it…

This year was a year of personal “first times”. Me and my fience returned last year in december from our world travel and decided that it is time to change our lives. We wanted to create a company and do something different then before the travel.

We started a company with my fiancé in the hope to develop the next big world travel app solution. When we started with the development I joined Twitter because I heard there is a big Flutter community. In this time I read some twitter feeds about a guy called Florin Pop. He is a…

In the first episode of our CI / CD blog, we worked with GitHub Actions. In our last project, we decided to work with the CI / CD solution Codemagic. We were delighted with the tool and could solve some issues in our codebase that happens to probably every development team.

This article is an addition to my video for CI/CD.

Save Recipe App

Whenever we want to try a new recipe in our home, we will search on the internet and select a random recipe for cooking or baking. But as soon as we had our dinner or the cake, we…

I published some time ago a video tutorial on how we can create a basic network request. In this post, we want to take a look at how we can improve that solution with Flutter JSON Serialization. With that, we can remove a lot of Strings in our code base.

I also created a video for this article, so feel free to take a look.

JSON Serializer in Network Requests

General Serialization

Serialization is the process in computer science to convert an object into something that can be saved in a database or be sent via a network request. …

Navigation in Flutter

We have to think about navigation and how we can optimize the work with our navigation route pattern. Today I show you how you can manage your routes easy and how you can navigate in the first place.

Why is navigation important

Navigation is in every application a vital part, and the benefit of Flutter is, that it already contains an excellent routing system built-in. The benefit of a built-in routing system is a huge advantage that we have as flutter developers. …

After my last blog entry, I got asked how I created a web project in Flutter and how I managed to deploy it. So join me on the journey how to create a Flutter web app and implement the whole thing on GitHub Pages.

Flutter Channels

To enable flutter web, you have to set up your Flutter CLI properly, and after that, you have to make sure you are on the right channel. Today when I write this post, Flutter web is still in beta, so we have to select a branch that supports beta features.

The master channel is…

Frankly, the first time I heard about flutter was at the Google I/O 2019. For me, who always enjoyed working with Hot Reload and hated the way how Xamarin works for mobile apps. I was searching for a hybrid programming pattern for both android and iOS devices. Even though React Native was already out, it has the same foundation. JavaScript, this is not necessarily bad, but it has its own downsides.

I searched for a strongly typed language that shows me errors before I am falling for them. Now after one and a half year I can say that I…

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

I found a post with a question about the most unfavored programming language that I ever worked with and found the following sentence.

I HATE JavaScript. Period.

Sure thing, we hate some food, or we hate a specific work, but why do we have such strong feelings against our tools? And is it even a good idea to feel that hate in programming? I will give you good reasons to not hate programming languages or other means and give you some tips on how you can change your feelings about topics you hate.

What is hate?

Before we start the topic, we have…

Welcome to my story, how I created a Scrum Card App with flutter in one day. With this article, I want to show you how simple it can be to create a flutter app. My challenge was to create a minimal app in a short time.

First, I want to start by creating a clear picture of what we want to achieve. I work currently on a Scrum Team, we always have to carry around our cards for sprint poker. …

Today I received my invitation to the GitHub Actions Beta access, and of course, I wanted to try it immediately. Therefore I stopped everything I did and wanted to share my first experience with that mighty tool that GitHub will provide us soon.

GitHub Actions — Can I eat that?

The short answer is no, but if you want to build, pack and deploy your app, it is maybe something for you. Github Actions is the CI / CD project from GitHub. The CI / CD allows us to set up workflows for different scenarios of our app. It gives us the possibility to build our…

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