Our YouTube Channel: Flutter Explained —The first six months

This year was a year of personal “first times”. Me and my fience returned last year in december from our world travel and decided that it is time to change our lives. We wanted to create a company and do something different then before the travel.

We started a company with my fiancé in the hope to develop the next big world travel app solution. When we started with the development I joined Twitter because I heard there is a big Flutter community. In this time I read some twitter feeds about a guy called Florin Pop. He is a Content Creator on Twitter with motivational and JavaScript developer posts. He started a challenge, 30days30videos and released every day a small video about the topic he loved.

This was a fantastic way to start a YouTube channel was my thinking, and I had my old “gaming” channel that I wanted always to grow. I loved to make content on YouTube but the success is at the beginning very small and you do not earn any reward. Anyhow, I was hooked by the idea, 30 days, 30 videos. I started, every day a new video that brings value to my viewers. Mahtab, my partner was very mixed up with her feelings about this. On one hand she supported me from all her heart and gave me the power when I was about to give up, on the other hand she wanted to finish the development of our app and tried to pushed me to bring value to the app.

Then Corona came, and our travel app idea has been fallen apart, no more world travellers that could be interested in our app.The YouTube channel sounded like a great possibility for our young company to bring value to everyone and earn maybe something with it. So let me explain you what we did to raise our non existend channel to a more then 1800 people channel.

First Milestone: 1000 Subscriber

As every small YouTube, we had just one goal one thousand subscribers as fast as possible. After one month where I released every day a video, we reached 311+ Subscriber and that was a fantastic number. If 300 people follow you somehow your work gets important. My first long term Community members joined in and supported me that I should not give up and keep going.

The biggest challange during this time was to ignore the numbers, sometimes instead of working on new videos I was watching how the numbers develop on the channel. Statistics have a weird fascination on a young YouTube creator. Espacially because they do not really help you in the beginning because the channel is anyhow small and you do not have numbers to compare them to, everything is an increase from 0 :).

Our first month of YouTube statistics

But after one-month everyday video, I was completely exhausted, the pressure to create content and try to make it as good as possible was crazy much to do. Additionally, there was tons and tons of stuff to learn.

  • How to optimize your channel?
  • What wants my audience?
  • Who is my audience?
  • How Should I do my Thumbnails?
  • Should I partner up with other channels?
  • How to cut better?
Our first Thumbnail

After that month, I decided that I should slow down my channel instead of every day there was now every week a video. Obviously that was not good on my performance, all numbers went down. And if you are a ambitious guy like it really hurts you to see the numbers declining. But Mahtab and I decided to let it run as is for the next four weeks so we can prepare for our first “relaunch”.

Second Month on YouTube

Relaunch of the channel

This was a great idea and it helped a lot, the next four weeks we had just one video each week and I concentrated in the time to improve my content, learning new cutting techniques read a lot more about video and content management. I made even some certifications on the YouTube creator acedemy.

Redesign of our YouTube Channel

We recreated the channel added a new Thumbnail template, created a Channel header and made myself a promise to increase again to two videos a week, but instead of keeping the rest of the week empty I wanted to start also with Live streaming, then slowly I recognized that 1000 Subscriber is just the first step.

In this time I convinced my partner to join the channel, and help me with one video a week so that we can share the workload and improve together. She helps me with a perfect project planning and since she joined I have the feeling the channel improves constantly.

In May it happend, after more then 50 videos we managed it to achieve our Milestone, 1k Subscribers. This means one thousand people who are watching our content on their favorite device. Looking for help and guidance trough Flutter and we are there for them. That was an incredible feeling and it is still today because I cannot imagine a crowd of 1000 people :).

So my advice for this stage is, really take a bit of time how you can improve, obviously content is key and to have more will help you grow faster but also make sure that your channel reflects you, be yourself. My goal was to be “professional” even if I was still a beginner / intermediate in Flutter development.

Second Milestone: 4000 Hours Watch Time

Our next Milestone that we want to reach is 4k hours of watch time. With this we are eligible to monetize our content on YouTube and we would receive the allowance to work with YouTube together in their partner program. But at the moment we are still far away from that number.

To increase the watch time we decided to increase our video arsenal with Live Streams and we invested some money to get Streamlabs Pro. That tool helped us to setup a website where the community can work closer with us and in a more interactive way. Additionally the possibility to donate us some money have been given (and even used, thanks for your support :).

After all the changes and challenges we are heading now to nearly 2.000 Subscribers and having a Watch time of 1.600 h. I believe this a freaking incredible amount of people who like our content and share it with their friends and families and if they are getting even better with Flutter development it was worth the work.

According to a website source somewhere in the internet it takes round about 22 months for a usual channel to reach 1 thousand subscribers, we did it in 4. Next step is 4.000 hours watch time and my current hope is to reach that goal within this year.

Now you know why this year was truly the year of first times. The first time we setup a company. The first time learning about YouTube from a business perspective and first time to have a community with more then thousand members. Thanks to every one who is following and supporting us.

Developer with passion and soul, working everyday to be a better developer. Teaching youngsters as volunteer and develop some apps and working for customers.