Celebs Opt for Unusual Handbag Selections from Analeena, Figue & More

This week, celebs have surprised us with a few rather obscure leather purses choices from lesser-known brands that are at the peripheries of our radar, as well as bags from the major brands that generally have a lower profile. In a bizarre and disorienting twist, this week’s most boring bag pick actually came from Rihanna , of all people, but only because she’s been carrying her Dior Diorama bags for months now, as if it were her job. (It kind of is, I suppose.)

Gigi Hadid was recently spotted leaving Joe Jonas’ house with a practical black leather duffel from Mary Kate and Ashley’s more budget-friendly bag brand, Elizabeth and James. The Jonas brother seems to be a very desirable lifestyle accessory for the “supermodel under 25” set right now. hermes belts outlet

Heidi Klum was recently spotted out and about in NYC carrying a heavily embellished calfskin cheap sunglasses from Figue. If you find Figue’s ornate embellishments and exotic style alluring, you should definitely check out more of their wares on Shopbop.

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