Why Smart Women Read (& Write) Romance Novels

When I tell people that I write romantic novels, they sometimes think I’m joking. Surely a smart, professional writer such as me should be investing in writing and reading something “real.” A book of substance. Something earth-shatteringly creative.

Definitely not romantic fluff.

But though my plots are thick and my characters developed, I still find myself firmly in the Romantic genre.

Do I need to excuse myself any longer?

The human mind thirsts for fantasy. It’s just a question of what fantasy genre you happen to drink.

Some of us like our fantasy involving hobbits and magical rings; others prefer star-ships and aliens; some are powerfully drawn to magicians or vampires.

And many of us, especially those with two X chromosomes, like fantasies involving a boy meeting a girl and a happily ever after.

I realize real life and love doesn’t happen like it does in romantic books and movies. I give credit to my readers that they know this too, the same way they know that trains don’t really depart from Platform 9 and 3/4.

So let me have my romance novels, and you keep your light saber, and we’ll all get along.

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