To our parents

I read this article about New power which I found deeply interesting, because it highlights the changes in thought that occurred in the last few generations. Our own parents taught us to become what we are. Society taught us to become what we are. We grew up with new ideas, only to find that we still need to fit an existing system that is not made for us. Our parents gave us some tools, but did not create the place for us to exist. We have to make that one ourselves.

Never work a day in your life

Many things have bee instilled in us while we were young: Believe in yourself, you can do anything. You can be anything you want to be, work for fun, find your passion and you’ll never work a day in your live. And now everyone calls us lazy and stupid, we suffer from ADHD and depression if we do not conform to the old standards of “just having a good safe job that pays the bills”. We need to feel fulfilled, to feel we have a purpose in this short life on earth. Believing in God’s plan is not a good solace anymore, because…


How wonderful that is. The universe? Planets? We have reached the moon, and mars, we have rockets, and mobile phones. We are taught from a young age that the universe is visible and invisible, but there’s not much space left for heaven. We still want God, but we need to place him somewhere else so he fits in our new Universe. We understand dimensions now, black matter, black holes. We need to fit him somewhere so he can still tell us it’s ok, your life has meaning, even if you don’t know it yet. How can we understand this if we mostly google our meanings and we get fast results? This placement of God is a theme we’re actively feeling as a generation it seems. The social guidelines instilled by religion makes more sense in social norms, accepted as the normal part of being human. Don’t hurt, but love the neighbor, share what you have. Work together to create well being. Solve problems that need solving…

Save the planet!

Save the planet! Don’t litter. Recycling, acid rain, greenhouse effect, icecaps melting, global warming. Captain Planet was our hero. And now you expect us to accept the fact that you are ignoring something you taught us to be true? It’s great my dear corporations. Let the children watch all that culture nonsense (created by wonderful people, because art is emotional messaging), all the cartoons, listen to their music, while we go and make money on Wallstreet or in our nice and ruthless corporations. You taught us that actions have consequences. You also taught us that on the planet, we are one. We are equal. We are the same. So why make other children suffer just so you can buy cheap clothing made by people, including children working incredible hours, on inexisting pay compared to yours, in such conditions? We should make sure they stay safe but the governments do not let us…

Create our own governments…?

Which brings us to… what now? We could fight them, but that doesn’t really seem to be our style. We are doing something already. By doing what we love with passion, by not fitting into the existing structure, we create other structures. We create fluid ones, no bureaucracy for we do not believe in it. We believe in smart way of doing things, fixing with technology. For the moment, bureaucracy works for the people that invented it, and evolved alongside it: Corporations, governments, and of course, their translators — lawyers. This is one of the things you inherently know it’s a wall. A game of haha you signed something you need a lawyer for you to read it. Everyone knows nobody reads that. So why does it still exist? Because corporations need it. People need that too, but don’t have access to it.

It is obvious we are still searching for a form to rule ourselves, but somehow, we might already be there without knowing it. We just need to use the tools provided by the existing system to our advantage, to create a place to live that conforms with our moral standards, the moral standards our parents taught us to believe in, standards that are not necessarily their own and become better at playing their game.

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