Would humans stop evolving if all need would be met?

Everyone, when looking at an utopian future worry that humanity will become lazy if there would be too much comfort. We would stop evolving! Slack off! Somehow, that would be a terrible thing. Humanity to be lazy and bored would be scoffed at. Scarcity makes humanity evolve, nothing pushes civilization more like war and conflict. But why do we admire this (technical) evolution so much?

Evolution occurs when the environment makes you do it

The environment is both existing natural environment and human-made. We evolve when competition demands it, scarcity, jealousy, but all these emotions and compulsions are derived from the WILL TO SURVIVE. When every individual is afraid that there is someone else who is after their place in the world, then the comforts need defending. This is where we are now. All individualistic, competitive, afraid. We create wars and try to evolve above each other, we do not fight against an outside threat, we consider that we are the threat.
If we would be happy and have our comforts met, we wouldn’t need to gather everything with greed and fear of tomorrow. Maybe we would not need to evolve and become lazy. But why would this be such a bad thing? Why would we be SPOILED? I don’t think it’s even possible because the earth is always in need of maintenance and tweaking to make it even more comfortable.

We invent problems to sell our solutions and we call it evolution

We see this on tv all the time. A (pharmaceutical) company invents a certain product, and then, because of economy and laziness (gasp! irony) they try to sell it by advertising it. Kids suffering from ADHD? Grab some pills. We need to sell more pills, so we bribe doctors to prescribe them more and more often. Or, we create a not so popular antiperspirant product. We then market it as a solution to the dreadful sweating “problem” most of us may have! That’s not a problem, that’s normal most of the time! The irony of this way of doing business sits in the current context of scarcity, some people don’t have access to water or food or healthcare (eyeroll) but there is no profit in it. It’s more profitable to market things to people that have the money to pay you, and it’s easier to pretend that they need some stupid product than actually search for real and palpable problems of society. But helping others is not inline with the selfish and scared ways of how we currently think.

I see so many entrepreneurs that have distorted their priorities. They just sit at home thinking day and night: how can I make money? What business could i get into that can make me insanely rich? This occurs because of our societal context unfortunately. They are also not really smart people or just not fit for that business, more so if they do it for the wrong reasons. They create a mediocre product and then market it and lie to make it popular. Like a boss asking for designers to make a viral video. So they create a product we don’t need and don’t even fix a problem we really have. This is simply wasteful. Waste of time, money and who knows what else.

Can’t make changes because that would mean death in the status quo

If let’s say you own a business and it gets obsolete or it doesn’t make sense anymore. There are two choices usually: do the right thing, focus on what should be done to help the bigger picture, or do the convenient thing that is influenced by money, fears, credit, investors, and if you focus on what the conditions are, you may find that they exist for the wrong reasons and also are hard to change because of the complexity of society. (money, banks, wrong interests etc. just jolly things). This is not evolution. Evolution would mean a system that accepts change, and with it the change of the system if something doesn’t work.

We live in two different worlds but both suffer from scarcity

Currently the world is divided into roughly 2 sections: slaves and consumers. It is sad to see how clothes are made by slaves with not many choices, and food that doesn’t exist, water that doesn’t exist. We lately manufacture in large quantities in countries where working is rare and cheap, but compulsory. They make cheap things that are sold at good prices to the consumers who discard them after a short time, because they are supposed to buy more and more. As a result we get the slaves that don’t have enough of anything, and the consumers that can’t stop consuming and always need more. There is no middle ground. The corporations that act as the middle men, or the whole “capitalist” system benefits from this exchange. This is the stupidest allocation of resources I have ever seen. This way we create scarcity in both segments. Lack of food and basic resources, and lack of moral compass and point to it all. We are complete idiots. Is this how we’re supposed to evolve? Does this promote evolution? Doesn’t feel like it. It’s a recipe for self destruction.

Since we have lost all morals in our evolved society and take advantage of the poor and resources just to have…safety and happiness, I do not call this evolution. I call this a lack of direction, since you cannot be happy thinking that your way of life is destroying the world we live in. No amount of antidepressants can fix this. But we do try, shoving pills, watching numbing television, playing obsessive games. The world feels like I felt when I had a horrible job, and nothing mattered to me more than 9gag binging.

People should stop thinking that scarcity is good because it brings evolution. “Look what we have achieved!” Yes but to what end? And by what means? We evolve and change anyway, given the context. We don’t need to wallow in the melancholic misunderstood idea that not having things makes us work harder. Maybe we don’t need to work hard to become men. Maybe we need to become men by reconsidering this whole idea first.

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