Have you tried whole grain hot cereal? A tasty good source of fiber for breakfast and a conscious diet.

The Adventures of Kingdom Living: Recipes for the Soul

What do you eat for breakfast? Skip down to the recipe and try it for yourself.

I’ll cut straight to the chase; for me, breakfast is a stretch. Before my journey to a balanced nutritional diet, I had never eaten anything before noon.

Did you know?

The word breakfast breaks down to “break” and “fast”?

Well of course you did!

I had never taken notice of this genius compound and the fact that when we arise in the morning and intake food, we are essentially breaking a fast within our bodies. My ignorance of such information contributed to a daily deficit and let me tell you how; I never thought to fuel my body in the morning before heading off to an eight to ten-hour workday. My body was functioning from leftovers from the previous day and to make matters worse, I would consume protein (meat), sugar, and carbs for lunch. My common issues of migraines, stress and fatigue were resolved with over-the-counter medicine, but it never occurred to me, nor did I put “two and two” together, that my eating habits (or lack thereof) were direct causes to how well or how poorly my body performed daily.

Know Better, Do Better

My final days of living in Houston were reaching an ending and before I knew it, I was headed to a new location. I spent most of my precious time in my hometown working, working some more, and being distracted by everyday occurrences like what was happening in Houston’s daily debacle, hanging out with friends, or keeping up with the social norm. I became accustomed to the “work-work-don’t stop” mindset and as a result, my health became less important.

I was surrounded by individuals who also did not know any better, or did know and decided not to choose better personal practices to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health — so here I was participating in the majority and at the same time, falling by the wayside. As I grow in my awakening, my health must be a priority for my own sake and the sake of my future family.

I want to challenge you to take an intentional look in the mirror and ask yourself the same question I asked myself,

“If you knew better, would you do better?”

The leading causes of death for African Americans include heart disease and diabetes. Now, I am not a medical physician, but I can propose a question of whether or not our eating habits contribute to such life-threatening diseases.

I believe they do.

Most conditions are caused, and cured, by the very things we put into our bodies — as a community, we refuse to admit this, or we simply look the other way as we finish off the bag of Cheetos. I am sure you are familiar with the phrase “you are what you eat,” so look back in that same mirror and ask yourself this;

“Am I a bag of enriched cornmeal, vegetable oil, cheese seasoning, and other artificial flavors?”


Here is another question to ask yourself,

“Is my body a temple and should I treat it as such?”


Being Intentional

My move from Houston to Georgia was intentional. I did not know it at the time, but God showed me that my plan to “move to expand my business” was just that, my plan. Fortunately, there was a better plan in store for me and my relocation was God’s way of uprooting me from my comfort zone. He intended to place me in isolation by allowing certain things to happen in my life that called for my repentance and for my focus to be redirected in a direction that would lead to a prosperous life — one that He has a purpose for. I felt like Annie James and Hallie Parker being sent to the Isolation Cabin after a series of pranks going too far.

In Atlanta, the greater city of Georgia, the majority of residents (or “implants” as the natives would say) participate in hardcore fitness, a balanced diet (some vegan), and lots of therapies such as crystal healings, massages, v-steams, hair, makeup, you name it! What an expensive life to live, but to each its own. I participated in some of those activities and believed that they were beneficial for my health. While the activities I bought into did have health benefits, there was more to my health than physical participation.

During that season of my life, my mental well-being was not “well” or “being,” and most times I found myself in the waiting room of healing but never being called back for a check-up.

At the beginning of 2020 and before the pandemic in the U.S. began, I suffered major depression causing paralysis in my daily movement. Not only was my food consumption sporadic and my body seemed to never move, but my use of marijuana also became a crutch. It was as if hours lasted for days and days lasted for weeks and there I was laying on a couch for months at a time without anyone noticing.

During this cycle, I returned to Houston hoping to find a solution for my despair and loneliness, needless to say, I was searching for external fulfillment and I did not find it. What I did find is what seemed like I was hitting yet another brick wall.

Upon my return to Georgia, I received a text message from someone at a nearby gym asking if I needed a personal trainer. Do I? I did not know what I needed but for sure I needed help.

I committed to showing up for my first training session and I was not planning to return the following day, but there was something about my meeting with a young man who was eager and devoted to his physical fitness that gave me hope. Jaron was physically toned and disciplined in his eating habits — this guy loved breakfast! He made it clear to me that it was a very important meal of the day, so important that it was one meal that he would never skip.

It took me weeks to swallow this pill and get with the program of moving my body consistently, after all, I did spend three months mentally paralyzed.

As time went on, I created a physical routine and incorporated breakfast.

Who Likes Spending Time in the Kitchen?

Not me! Unless there is a very special occasion or I am in the mood for music, a glass of wine, and shameless singing while making a soul-filled meal for myself or guests. But as for me spending my precious mornings in the kitchen making breakfast? I was not willing to “do all of that.” I want to spend the least amount of time in the kitchen, hence the reason why Air Fryers are one of the best inventions for individuals like myself.

My partner at the time was a breakfast buff and she, like my trainer, did not miss a morning without it. So, guess what? Every morning I ate breakfast.

However, she, unlike me, could eat the same meal over and over again and never get bored. I get bored with just about anything that does not keep my attention for a certain amount of time, and the same meal on an everyday basis was nothing short of a sore bore.

In the end, I would find myself back in the repetitive cycle of skipping breakfast.

A Change in Course

I stuck to my disciplines as much as I knew how. What would have bettered my chances for a longer-lasting change was the very thing that I skipped over— and no, it wasn’t “breakfast,” instead it was “making up my mind” about breaking up with the old habits and consciously implementing better habits that would support my lifestyle change.

Did you know that once you make up your mind abundance flows more freely to you? There is less room for doubt and failure to appear because you are mentally committed to becoming a better version of yourself, and this applies to any area of your life.

Not only did I participate in weight training, but I also trained in cardio. This training took place outside of the gym and required daily discipline and my obedience — where Freedom is found.

Throughout my first few weeks of weight training, I connected with familiar faces in the gym outside of the gym and one individual, in particular, requested my presence at a nearby school track one evening where we walked and shared higher conversations. This became a daily routine of walking 3 miles, then it increased to 5 miles and it later turned into running. Every day for three consecutive months whether it was sunny, cloudy, or raining, I committed to running, and unbeknownst to me, it would later prepare me for my first marathon.

Throughout five states, I ran seven mountain trails in 12 days. Moving my body was the best gift I could give myself and this was an all-around wellness challenge for me and one that raised my consciousness about my diet — an area that I have struggled in for years.

Making Up My Mind

Since the beginning of my relocation, there was a shift taking place that would prepare me for what’s next; that involved living a minimalist lifestyle and practicing a balanced Vegan diet. I now travel full time as a writer, photographer, filmmaker, and lightworker while living out of my Jeep.

Eating is tough on the road and especially when there are tempting fast food options and restaurants throughout all major cities. Thus far, I have traveled through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and I am now Overlanding in New Mexico. There have been some instances where I indulged in fast food, or a desired unhealthy meal from a restaurant and paid the price afterward for my decisions. There were many things that I prepared for to accommodate my new life in the wilderness, but I did not expect my diet to become a hot commodity.

During those moments of weakness, I began to notice that I was aware of my choices and I had just failed to make the right choice. Instead of spending too much time on a guilt trip, I decided to look back into the mirror mentioned earlier and ask myself once again,

“If you knew better, would you do better?”

This time around my answer would be final. No more dibbling and dabbling in old habits. As my mentor would say,

“I have to say that it is not hard when you make up your mind to change. Most of what we think is hard contribute to delaying the changes we want to be and see.”

— Wavie Rodgers

Our habits in the present moment can either increase or decrease our chances of living a life free of prescribed medicine, internal sicknesses, diseases, and/or limited mobility. There was only one option that I was willing to take, and that was choosing the latter.

You, too, can choose Better! Life is a gift from God and we owe it to ourselves to take good care of our bodies.

Make it your holy grail to raise your consciousness and become more aware of what you are ingesting and what contributing factors in your current diet are detrimental to your health. Not only for yourself but your children, and their children and their children. Choose today to set an example of what it's like to live a healthy and sustaining life filled with proven results that good nutrients are the source of being fruitful and multiplying.

Where can you begin?

Let’s start with Breakfast

How can you make a healthy breakfast that doesn’t contain dairy, meat, or added sugar?

Try Hot Cereal aka oatmeal. But not just any oatmeal, I am talking about 5 Whole Grain Cereal freshly milled from a blend of premium whole wheat including rye, barley, oats, triticale, and flaxseed meal. This simple meal is a good source of fiber and is known to enrich your mornings.

Talk about flavorful and hearty!

“You are free to live, and not as an addict to old habits. Be an addict of health!”

— Wavie Rodgers

5 Whole Grain Rolled Hot Cereal


  • 1 Cup of 5 Grain Rolled Oats (I purchased Bob’s Red Mill brand, please use gluten-free option if necessary)
  • 1 Cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 Tbsp of Unsweetened Apple Butter
  • 1 tsp of Ground Cinnamon
  • 1/4 Cup Fresh Strawberries
  • 1/4 Cup Fresh Blueberries


  • Bring two cups of water to a boil
  • Add in rolled oats and boil for 3–5min
  • Add in unsweetened almond milk and unsweetened apple butter; stir in and cook on low-medium heat for an additional 3 minutes (until desired consistency)
  • Top off with ground cinnamon, fresh strawberries (cut in fourths or diced), and fresh blueberries

Health Facts:

✅ whole grains

✅ fresh fruit

✅ good source of fiber

✅ yummy and delicious


❌ added sugars

❌ dairy

p.s. Now, for me — I can do this. You can too!

Written by: Myra Thomas

Photo credits: Myra Thomas via Instagram

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Middy // With God, All Things are Possible




I Am Middy, a force of Good.

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Myra Thomas

Myra Thomas

I Am Middy, a force of Good.

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