A FENG SHUI Guide to Colors

One of the most effective ways of shifting energies at your home; is by using Feng Shui color suggestions. In feng shui, each color is considered to be an expression of one of the 5 Feng Shui elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.

Here are a few Feng Shui suggestions for using colors:

Yellow — Fire & Earth: It is sunny, happy, cheerful & uplifting color for the house. Yellow helps in creating a welcoming, cozy environment if used in a kitchen, kid’s room or living room.

Red — Fire: It is a color of passion, courage and romance. Using vibrant red can bring the energy of joy and excitement. Red is recommended using in west space of the house.

Green — Wood: Representing growth, vibrancy and good health, it is used as a symbol of fresh energy and regeneration. Green color balances the entire body with the help of healing vibrations of nature.

White — Metal: White signifies innocence and freshness along with purity and ability to absorb the other colors.

Blue — Water: Defining the calmness and peace as of water, blue color is a wonderful Feng Shui Color. Ranging from sky blue to soft aqua blue of ocean to deep indigo blue, blue gives endless choices for using in the East (healthy), southeast (money) and North (career).

Gray — Metal: Gray acts as neutral color with adding sophistication to the space. Advised to be used in West (creative), north-west (helping) and North (career related spaces).

Purple — Fire: Purple is considered to be a royal and a noble color, and is advised to be used in moderation due to being highly vibrant. The best place to use this is the healing or meditation space of your house and in the form of décor elements like pillows, carpets, upholstry and art pieces rather than as a wall color.

Pink — Fire: Being the universal color of love with a soothing effect, it is used to soften the energies and behaviors. Pink is the most versatile Feng Shui color which can be used in any corner of your house.

Black — Water: It symbolizes the absorbing nature, helps in adding depth and strength. It can be used to add strong energy anywhere between entrance and kitchen, except in baby/kids room or as bedroom ceiling.

Brown — Wood: Adding stability and strength to the house, brown is the color getting popular these days. Best to be used in the East (health), South-east (money) and South (fame) of your house.

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