Intelligent Storage Ideas for a Smart Kitchen!

Pull verses open: A deep cabinet or a drawer is a little less functional and half of the space at the back is not utilized, therefore you must install pull-out shelves to accumulate bulky utensils (a prized possession for Indian households), while you can easily pull the drawer to easily reach the corners.

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Anchor it to the wall: Storing pots & pans of all the sized (again a major area of concern for Indian housewives) in the drawers/cabinets. They needs a lot of alignment to fix them all together and pulling one of them out is another nightmare, so why not just hang them on to a hook — pot & pan holder or may be a dish rack, mounted on the wall. Easy to pull the pans, keeping them within arm’s reach, these racks are major space savers.

Under the table: Just in case if there’s less floor space and you don’t want to let go of the idea of an island in your kitchen, do make sure there is enough room under the island, for the stools to be squirrel led when not in use.

Articulated faucets: The sink may necessarily not be too huge, especially if it’s a small rather to accommodate big utensils underneath, you can also go ahead with a flexible faucet, which can extend beyond its curvature out of the way to house large vessels and saucers.

Recess storage: Pleat a food storage shelf or break-fronts within the wall to keep from obstructing the kitchen’s flow. A recessed niche is a boon to a small kitchen.

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Backsplash: A beautiful backsplash with a narrow open shelf can serve to be an amazing space to hold culinary items like oil, spices, garnish that might otherwise utilize other cabinets or shelves.

From a wide variety of spices to utensils overflowing in an Indian household kitchen, it becomes necessary to get going with innovative storage options that get the most out of every inch of treasured space.

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